Preparing Your Dog for Your Return to Work

Jun 16, 2021

National Take Your Dog to Work Day took on a new meaning in June 2020, but what about this year? Most likely, your dog has enjoyed having you at home while you work. Taking walks, playing ball, and curling up for naps at your feet have become a daily routine. But your return to the office is on the horizon. Now is the time to help your faithful furry assistant discover a new way to spend the day.

preparing your dog for your return to work

Our blog post from July 2020, “Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Dogs” focused on helping your puppy or dog be comfortable with being away from you. Socialization and training are great ways to avoid separation anxiety issues like excessive barking or destruction of property.  These tools help your puppy or dog build confidence with new experiences and feel more comfortable with being alone, especially for dogs that have had you at home from day one. For dogs that experienced a change in routine with everyone at home during the pandemic, the transition back will be different.

There are several fun ways to help make the transition from spending time together to being comfortable when separated. Playing with canine pals is a nice alternative to leaving your dog at home alone while you’re at work. This year, instead of Take Your Dog to Work Day, flip the script with a Daycare Introduction Day for your pup.

Dog daycare at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center provides the right balance of socialization, exercise, rest for a day of fun and games.

There are several types of daycare programs offered at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center. Each program was designed with different personalities and play styles in mind.

  • The Adventurer Program is for dogs that love group play with lots of friends for maximum socialization and exercise.
  • The Explorer Program takes playtime to the next level with activities that stimulate their mind, body, and soul with brain games, nature hikes, and fun’gility skills.
  • The Trailblazer Program is perfect for the dog that loves learning and polishing their skills while spending one-on-one time with a professional trainer.

Each daycare program is available with the V.I.P. Daycare Program for dogs that prefer tailored activities and personal attention over a larger group setting.

Activities you can also do at home to help your dog be ready for your transition from home to work include:

  • Activities – Give your dog the appropriate amount of play and exercise. When it’s time for a nap, settle him in a special place and create distance between you both by going across the room or into an adjacent room. A tired pup will be more receptive to a cozy blanket and some quiet time alone.
  • Treats and food– Introduce a toy such as a KONG stuffed with a special treat or a food puzzle containing breakfast or lunch before leaving the home. Your time away should be for or a short period. Slowly progress to extending the amount of time you are gone. The treat or food puzzle provides a tasty distraction. The toy or puzzle should be reserved for these “training” sessions only.
  • Remain calm – It’s better to shower your dog with love and attention well before you leave the house. When you’re ready to go, don’t make a fuss with long goodbyes. When you return, give your dog a few moments to settle down before a joyous greeting.

Choosing dog daycare is a great option to keep your dog active and engaged when everyone returns to work and school. Rather than hiring a dog walker to take your dog out for a quick potty break, your pup can have a full day of play with other dogs and interaction with different people for about the same cost.

Dogs are smart, so the activities offered in a dog daycare program should provide enrichment in a fun, safe, and loving environment. This year, skip Take Your Dog to Work Day and give your pup a special day of play at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center to mark the beginning of a fun new experience.

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