Choosing a Dog Training Program for Success: Important Questions Answered

dog training program

You’ve decided on professional training for your puppy or dog, but how do you choose the right program? The most popular and effective professional training programs can be found at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center in Doylestown, PA. The resort specializes in combining training with either a resort lodging stay or participation in…

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The Right Dog Training Programs for Busy Parents

dog training programs

You’ve already decided to train your new pup, but what type of training program is the right one? The first consideration should be how much time is available to commit to training your new puppy or dog. Training a dog takes practice, patience, and consistency—all of which take time. If your answer is some variation…

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Tips to Get the Most from Your Dog Training

To get the most from any training program your puppy or dog is enrolled in, experienced trainers offer five tips for success. Interestingly, the learning process for puppies and adult dogs is the same as for people. To master a skill, it takes motivation, the right mindset, time, patience, and practice for it to become…

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Best Places in Bucks to Walk Your Dog

walk the dog

The first week of October is National Walk Your Dog Week. For pet parents, every day includes walking the dog, but a full week of national recognition is a great opportunity to make it more exciting. Of course, the health benefits for dogs (and people) are many. So how can you take an ordinary walk…

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Back-to-School: Therapy Dog Training

Have you considered therapy dog training for your pup or adult rescue? Would you like to work as a therapy dog team to support your community by visiting with area school students or senior centers? If yes to those questions, now is the perfect time for you and your dog to go back-to-school too by…

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Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Dogs

One positive of being at home during the pandemic has been the ability to spend a lot of time with a new puppy or a new dog. Now is the right time to help your puppy feel comfortable when it’s time for the family to return to work or school. There are steps you can…

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Caring for A Puppy

Congratulations! Whether this is your first puppy or you’ve done this before, caring for a puppy includes helping your pet adjust to family life and establishing a foundation of care for a long and healthy life. VACCINATIONS Vaccinations protect your pets from serious infections and diseases as well as promote wellness throughout the pet community by avoiding…

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When Shelter Pets Learn & Thrive: Leah’s Story

When shelter pets learn and thrive, good things happen! January is National Train Your Dog Month, and Leah’s story is shaping up to be proof that professional dog training can saves lives. Professional dog training offers numerous benefits to the dog and the owner. When a pet is properly trained, it shows that the dog is…

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Real Life Training for Dogs

real life training for dogs

Real Life Training for Dogs It’s National Train Your Dog Month brought to you by The Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Here are easy real life training tips for helping your dog practice valuable manners and obedience skills. Interested in group training classes or customized professional training, learn more about how Holiday House Pet Resort…

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Play and Learn Dog Training: Eddie’s Story

A play and learn dog training program provides the right balance of playing, learning obedience skills and socializing that suits the energy of a puppy. This is the story of Eddie and his mom… Eddie is an active golden doodle puppy who loves to learn. His forever mom, Segan, never raised a puppy so the…

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