Professional Dog Training in Doylestown, PA

Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center in Doylestown, PA is the ultimate destination for professional dog training, where every puppy is transformed into a well-mannered family member. At Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center, we specialize in obedience training, offering a wide range of programs designed to cater to the unique needs of your dog. Located conveniently for residents seeking obedience training in Bucks County, our training center is renowned in Bucks County and the surrounding area.

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Proven & Positive Dog Training

  • Does your dog have trouble walking calmly while on a leash?
  • Does your dog jump on you or your friends?
  • Does your dog need help with basic obedience commands?

The proven dog training programs at Holiday House have helped dogs of all breeds and ages become the best family members they can be.

Why Choose Us for Obedience Training for Your Dog?

  • Customized Dog Training Plans: Whether you’re looking for basic training or a comprehensive dog bootcamp, our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of your dog, ensuring effective learning and development.
  • Experienced Dog Trainers: Our team, known as some of the best dog trainers in the area, uses positive reinforcement techniques, making us a leading dog obedience school program in the region.
  • Versatile Dog Training Programs: From puppy training to customized obedience training for dogs, our offerings are diverse. Explore our popular board and train programs like Stay & Learn and Play & Learn, designed to blend dog training with fun.
  • Free Training Program Introduction: Begin with a no-cost introduction to our training methodology, allowing our specialists to assess your dog and discuss your goals, crafting the perfect board and train or day training solution.

Maxey, my yellow lab attended stay and learn for 10 days. Mark, Skylar and Finn were great! Mark the trainer spent a lot of extra time getting to know us and educate us on techniques. All staff worked hard to build a relationship and communicate every day with photos, videos and comments. The follow up session was excellent. Mark is a very patient teacher with both dogs and humans. I was skeptical at first but the experience was positive, and Maxey has much improved behavior. I would definitively recommend the Holiday House team.

Nannette V.

Call Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center today to book your pet’s one-of-a-kind vacation at our luxury pet care facility!

Our Professional Dog Training Services

Our professional obedience school programs include: 

  • Basic Obedience Commands: Learn the fundamentals of training dogs with commands like sit, stay, and come, crucial for a harmonious home life.
  • Leash Manners: Address common challenges such as pulling, ensuring peaceful and confident walks.
  • Social Skills: Enhance your dog’s ability to greet people confidently while fostering positive interactions.
  • Custom Goals: Tailor your dog’s training to address specific concerns, from jumping on guests to mastering recall.

Dog Training Program Options to Suit Every Need:

Stay & Learn

Our most popular program for a concentrated dog training curriculum combined with all of our luxury dog boarding amenities when the timeline for completing a training program is essential.

Play & Learn

Our Play & Learn programs combine dog training with all the benefits of our popular dog daycare program.

Puppy Socialization

Starting puppy training early in your furry friend’s life is critical to their development. Our Puppy Socialization Program is the beginning of your puppy’s journey to becoming a well-adjusted, socially comfortable adult dog. Learn about our FREE Puppy Social Hour.

Additional Training Programs

We offer additional training options to help customize a program that fits your pup’s individual needs. Speak with one of our local dog trainers for more details. If you are ready to enroll your furry friend in a professional dog training program, call us today at (215) 345-6960 to schedule your training program introduction!

Trainers Mark and Skyler were excellent! Not only did they instill a ton of knowledge in our 5 month old pup for only 10 days but they treated him like their own. Very happy with them and will be back!

Joshua S.

Meet Our Professional Dog Trainers

Our trainers are not just experts in dog obedience and behavior, they are passionate educators committed to the well-being and development of your pets. With certifications in the latest training techniques and membership in the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, our team offers unparalleled dog training in Bucks County.

Ready to Start?

If you’re searching for dog training near you that promises lasting results and a positive experience for your pet, look no further. Through the “3 P’s” — practice, persistence and patience — any dog can learn using positive reinforcement.

Call us today at (215) 345-6960 to schedule your free training program introduction and embark on a journey to better living with your dog.

Call Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center today to book your pet’s one-of-a-kind vacation at our luxury pet care facility!