Is your puppy ready to start learning?

Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center specializes in custom dog training programs and dog training classes in small groups.

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When your puppy is ready to start training classes, Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center offers small group training sessions.

Objectives covered in our Puppy I training session:

  • Teaching and reinforcing your puppy’s name
  • Socialization and introducing your puppy to new environments
  • Manners & Boundaries—start your puppy on the path of good behavior while bonding with the family and encouraging a desire to learn
  • Appropriate play and general puppy care
  • Introduction to basic obedience and leash walking
  • Fun and games

Benefits of group puppy or dog training sessions at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training:

  • Personal attention and the ability to ask questions along the way
  • Small class size – 6 puppies or dogs and 2 trainers
  • Six-week sessions—convenient evening and weekend classes
  • Solid foundation for basic obedience training to ensure responsiveness in any environment and to allow for more advanced training later
  • Stress-free walking for you and your puppy!
  • Learning through positive reinforcement


  • Your puppy must be under the care of a veterinarian for puppy vaccinations
  • Updated vaccination information should be provided to Holiday House Pet Resort as completed
  • Fecal check w/Giardia test – Results must be negative and submitted to Holiday House Pet Resort prior to the first class

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We want your puppy’s first experience staying at a pet resort to be positive and fun. After all, we hope that your puppy will look forward to a lifetime of fun at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center. Whether lodging with us during your vacations, participating in training, getting groomed, or becoming a daycare student, we’ve designed special services to gently introduce your puppy to our family!

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