Is Your Puppy Ready to Start Learning?

Training should start as soon as you bring your puppy/dog home.

Puppies just want to discover and play… and chew, bite and bark. Without the proper guidance, bad behaviors can set in quickly. Puppies become better behaved when they are given clear rules and boundaries, and when they receive positive reinforcement for good behavior.

Puppy learning to shake hands

Puppy Socialization

Training for puppies begins with proper socialization. Puppy Social Hour is held every Thursday.

Our FREE Puppy Social Hour classes are a great opportunity to talk with our dog training experts while your puppy plays with new friends.

  • This program is designed for puppies up to 6 months old

If this is your first class...

Puppy Social Hour begins at 7:15 pm for puppies and pet parents attending for the first time only.

If you have been attending class...

Puppy Social Hour begins at 7:30 pm for puppies who have been attending. Please respect the new puppy orientation and do not enter class until 7:30 pm. 


Accompany your puppy into our Daycare room and yard at the designated time. Our teachers will welcome your puppy and provide an introduction to the group.

While the teachers engage and supervise the puppies in appropriate group play, pet parents will join our trainers in the Training Annex at 7:45 pm to begin the program.

  • Weekly discussions and guest speakers
  • Open Q&A

Pet parents will rejoin their puppy to end the evening with time for fun and socialization together.

Puppy walking through the grass

Call Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center today to book your pet’s one-of-a-kind vacation at our luxury pet care facility!

Puppy's First Stay at Our Resort

We want your puppy’s first experience staying at a pet resort to be positive and fun. After all, we hope that your puppy will look forward to a lifetime of fun at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center. Whether lodging with us during your vacations, participating in training, getting groomed, or becoming a daycare student, we’ve designed special services to gently introduce your puppy to our family!

Which training program is the best fit for your goals and lifestyle?

Puppy Play

Some puppies may be good candidates for our Puppy Plus lodging activity package upgrade, which includes the same activities as Puppy Play plus special attention with a trainer.

  • Two 1-hour Group Play sessions or a choice of two private activities
  • One-on-One Play or Business Walk
  • Three Business Walks
  • Bedtime Story & Tuck In
  • Gourmet Treat

Good Start Grooming for Puppies

Good Start Grooming is a gentle introduction for your puppy's early grooming appointments. Your puppy will become accustomed to being bathed…and actually enjoy the experience!

Learn more about grooming at the resort and our Spa on State location in the heart of Doylestown.