A Pawsitive Semester: Back to School for Dog Daycare

dog daycare programs

As summer vacations wind down, the energy for a new school year is palatable. The back-to-school season is as much about reuniting with old friends and making new friends as it is about a fresh year of learning. Be sure to include your dog in the annual tradition of returning to work and play. Now…

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Five Benefits of Socialization Class and Daycare for Puppies

The first year for a puppy is an important time to learn the necessary skills for good manners and to build confidence. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends beginning socialization between three and fourteen weeks of age. Puppies can be enrolled in a socialization class or dog daycare program as soon as vaccinations begin.…

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DOYLESTOWN, PA, May 30, 2023—Kin Wellness & Support Center received a $1500 donation from Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center. Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center held its annual Dog Prom fundraising event on Friday, May 5, 2023. Clients of the dog daycare program received an official prom portrait of their dog for…

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How to Reduce Dog Shedding

dog shedding

There are a lot of things to love about dogs, but dealing with the mounds of hair they shed is not one. Shedding is a natural process for dogs, but constantly cleaning the hair can be frustrating. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand or process for stopping it. However, the good news is there are…

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5 Reasons Professional Grooming for Your Cat Makes Perfect Sense

grooming for your cat

Like people, cats are capable of keeping a clean appearance. Kittens learn the art of grooming quickly, and cats can spend up to 50% of their day cleaning themselves. It may appear to be a matter of vanity, but it’s also for health reasons like keeping calm, cool, and free of parasites. “People believe that…

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5 Reasons to Book a Resort Spring Break for Your Pets

spring break for pets

After a long post-holiday January and a blustery start to February, you and your dog are thinking about Spring Break! Your furry couch potato is probably daydreaming of fun. Running around outside with friends, learning a new skill, or soaking in a bubble bath are sweet visions that you can make a reality. Whether you…

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The Right Dog Training Programs for Busy Parents

dog training programs

You’ve already decided to train your new pup, but what type of training program is the right one? The first consideration should be how much time is available to commit to training your new puppy or dog. Training a dog takes practice, patience, and consistency—all of which take time. If your answer is some variation…

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On the Road Again: Tips for Car Rides with a Dog

car rides with a dog

You and your canine companion go everywhere together. The dog is dancing with excitement on your lap or hanging out of an open window during the car ride. It’s the cutest of scenes we see so often, but not without hidden risks. When arriving together safely at your destination is the objective, buckling in your…

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Tick Prevention & Removal Tips

tick prevention

Tick season has become a year-round affair in many areas of the country, and summer is the peak. Couple that with spending more time outside—walks in the park, runs through an open field, hikes along wooded trails—and it’s the perfect condition for Fido to become host to these pesky parasites. Engaging in outdoor activities during…

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Benefits of Outerwear for Dogs

Interview with Vince Fahringer, Manager of Dogs and Cats Rule in Doylestown, PA about outerwear for dogs Spring has arrived, so the warmer temperatures are an invitation to emerge from our winter hibernation. Taking a walk around the neighborhood? Going to a friend’s house?  Maybe even headed to Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center! No…

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