Food & Medication for Check In

Proper Preparation of Food & Medications for Check In

The safety and health of our guests are top priorities. Providing lodging guests with the appropriate food or medications is important because pets may have food allergies or sensitivities, be on a special diet for medical reasons such as diabetes, weight loss or skin conditions, or prefer a particular brand to avoid stomach upset.

Please follow these guidelines for preparing your pet's food or medication prior to Check-In.

Food Preparation

If you’ll be supplying your dog’s own food, follow these steps for proper preparation for Check In:

  • Cans of wet food should be unopened and labeled with Last Name, Pet Name and Serving Amount. Only complete, unopened rolls of Fresh Pet food--include your label.
  • Dry kibble and raw food should be portioned per serving and stored in a clear (Ziploc) bag
  • Label each bag with Last Name, Pet Name and Serving Amount
  • Label each bag with brand name and type of dog food
  • Do Not put a date or time on the bag
  • Provide enough cans and/or prepare enough bags to cover each meal during the lodging stay. If the proper serving is placed in the bag, then it will be served to the guest per the owner’s feeding instructions—see Feeding form.


This is an example of how the food should arrive and be processed at Check In:

Please Note:

  • All forms—including Feeding Instructions—should be completed prior to Check In and will be reviewed with you by staff before Check In is completed.
  • No original packaging for dry kibble and treats will be accepted. You will be asked to prepare the food servings into individual portions before Check In can be completed. The only original packaging should be unopened cans of wet food and unopened rolls of Fresh Pet.
Food packaging
Incorrect food packaging

Medication Preparation

  • Medications must be in original packaging or vet-practice prepared containers
  • A label must include the Last Name, Pet Name, Medication Name and Dosing Instructions—see Medication form.
Medicine bottle
Medicine bottle


Lodging Check In

Mon. - Fri.: 10AM - 5:30PM

Saturday/Sunday: 10AM - 3:30PM

Lodging Check Out (with a scheduled bath)

Mon. - Fri.: 12PM - 5:30PM

Saturday/Sunday: 12PM - 3:30PM

Lodging Check Out (without a scheduled bath)

Mon. - Sat.: 8AM - 12PM

Sunday: 10AM - 12PM