Pet Resorts Are for Cats Too!

Jun 7, 2016

You might not think so, but pet resorts are for cats too! Cats certainly have independent personalities. For the most part, they are:

  • Polite eaters—never inhaling their entire daily feeding in 5 seconds flat thinking it may be their last meal ever
  • Don’t require a formal walk with a human to heed nature’s call
  • Prefer to be left alone to nap in a quiet, sunny spot…from sun up to sun down
  • Ultra clean when it comes to “covering” up their bathroom messes
  • Annoyed by the affections of their human owners except within the 1.73 minutes of allowable touching per day

With that said, having a family cat makes it super convenient to go on vacation. Fill up the food and water dispensers, turn on the automatic-cleaning litter box, turn off the HVAC, ask the neighborhood kid to give the cat its medicine once a day, and close the door behind you.

So why should I consider lodging my cat at a pet resort?pet resorts are for cats too

There are many benefits to lodging Miss Kitty at a pet resort while you are away on vacation. Although cats enjoy their independence, it does not mean they enjoy being left alone for long periods of time. And if Miss Kitty doesn’t take her medicine nicely for you, it’s doubtful the kid next door is skilled or patient enough to handle your cat’s unique care.

Here are some benefits to lodging your cat at a pet resort during your next vacation:

  • Staff trained in pet care. The staff at Holiday House Pet Resort and Training Center is professionally trained in pet care and knowledgeable about pet behaviors. The health and happiness of your cat while you are on vacation is our first priority. Your vacation is too important to spend time worrying if the cat is ok!
  • Medicine administered as directed. The medical staff of Doylestown Veterinary Hospital are on site and available to handle the medical needs of your cat.
  • Daily health checks and housekeeping. Your cat will have human contact and love every day. A clean litter box, a scratch behind the ear, and loving words usually get the purr motor running!
  • Fresh food and water. No need to set out a week’s worth of kibble when your cat can receive fresh wet and dry food every day, just like home.
  • Wow, new toys and trees to discover! We firmly believe that daily activity is essential to the health and happiness of every pet—dog or cat. The word “resort” alone brings thoughts of fun and pampering to mind, and that is what Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center is all about! We’ve got cat toys and cat trees and cat nip…and videos of birds and fish! And if your cat prefers being brushed while sitting on a lap, we’ve got that too!
  • Temperature-controlled space that is just for cats—no dogs, no barking! Go ahead and adjust your heat or A/C to save money while you’re away, because our temperature-controlled cattery is purr-fect.maxresdefault

There are many benefits to boarding your cat at a pet resort while you are on vacation. You can depend on professional pet care in a safe and enriching atmosphere. Don’t spend one second of your family vacation wondering how…or what…the cat is doing at home alone. We guarantee you won’t come home to unraveled toilet paper rolls or shredded curtains!

Pet resorts are for cats too! Call 215-345-6960 to learn more about boarding your cat at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center and to schedule your kitty’s luxury stay this summer.

Call Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center today to book your pet’s one-of-a-kind vacation at our luxury pet care facility!