Microchips for Pets Create Happy Reunions

Aug 4, 2015

The warmer weather seems to bring an increase in lost pet postings around town or on social media. Whether scared away by loud noises like thunder and firecrackers, slipping out a door that was accidentally left open, or getting past an invisible fence, losing a pet can happen. Sadly, one in three pets will go missing from home during their lifetimes. Without correct identification, 90% of missing pets never return home. Getting lost is the primary cause of death for pets.

As a way to remind pet owners to have their pet’s microchipped and to keep the registration information up-to-date, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) created National Check the Chip Day to be recognized every August 15th.

This year, Doylestown Veterinary Hospital will offer the latest technology, the nanochip, administered for $25 during the Pup-A-Palooza: Summer Showcase 2015 event on Friday, August 14 from 11am to 5pm at the resort. Pet parents can also have their pet’s microchip scanned for free. With the ID number, the pet parent can update contact information and join a registry like Home Again or FetchID.

The benefits of the nano chip include a transponder that’s smaller than the standard microchip and is administered with a nano needle so it is easier and less traumatic for the pet. Like the microchip, it is safe for pets and the technology works with standard Universal chip scanners.

When a lost pet arrives at a veterinary clinic or animal shelter, it is scanned for a microchip. The microchip is linked to a registry with contact information. It’s important to understand that a microchip is permanent identification but not a GPS device to track a lost pet. If the registry information is up-to-date, the pet will be reunited with the family. One study showed:

  • Over 50% of microchipped dogs were returned; only 22% without a microchip were reunited
  • Nearly 40% of microchipped cats were returned; less than 2% without a microchip were reunited

“It’s important for pet owners to keep their contact information updated. You never think your pet will be lost, but if it happens, you’ll want to be called as soon as your pet is found. We love happy reunions,” said Dr. Laura Weis of Doylestown Veterinary Hospital.

All community pet owners are welcomed to attend Pup-A-Palooza if they’d like their pet to have the nano chip administered or their pet’s microchip scanned for the ID number and registry information.

Pup-A-Palooza: Summer Showcase 2015 is free, open to the public, and will be held rain or shine at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center on Shady Retreat Rd in Doylestown. Call 215-345-6960 for more information.

For more information on micro/nano chip registries, please visit:



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