Beachbody Preparation for Pets

Mar 11, 2020

Beachbody weather is around the corner so it’s time for that canine couch potato to emerge from the “long winter’s nap” to get moving.  Healthy activities for dogs and cats provide meaningful exercise, mental stimulation, and being active encourages positive behaviors. Keeping your pet active can also benefit your wallet. Prevention of diseases through proper exercise and nutrition could result in savings over the lifetime veterinary care of yourpet.healthy activities for dogs

Providing your dog or cat with appropriate levels of exercise and play doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Spending just a few active moments together every day is beneficial.

  • Daily (leash) walks around the neighborhood or the park
  • Nature walks or hiking trails are a great way to explore together—don’t forget to take enough water for you both and delicious snacks!
  • Pull toys work the muscles
  • Fetch or chase added after a potty break is rewarding and fun
  • Hide-N-Seek makes your dog work for treats
  • Social play with other dogs at a daycare program or dog park provides free play
  • Cat toys and a tree with a scratching post keep kitty jumping and running, and even a box or window perch will encourage your cat to explore and provide enrichment

There’s no reason your pet’s fun and exercise should stop while vacationing at a resort. Research from the pet industry has clearly demonstrated that the more activity and human interaction pets receive, the happier and healthier they are when away from home.

At Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center, activities for dogs and cats provide exercise, socialization, one-on-one time with the staff, pampering in the spa, and relaxation. Some of the activities for dogs and cats include:healthy activities for dogs

  • Playtime – ball throwing, rope tugging, Frisbee chasing, and other fun activities in our daycare program, a supervised small group setting, or one-on-one
  • Nature Walk – brisk walk exploring our woods, streams, and fields
  • Business Walk – leisurely pace for a potty break on the grass
  • Personal Time – for the dog or cat who loves hugs, kisses, petting, and lots of snuggling
  • Our feline guests enjoy their own activities including exploring on the cat tree, laser tag, feather wands, and organic cat nip toys.

Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center wants every pet to have a positive experience. Customized discount lodging activity packages make it easy for you to choose the right amount of activities and attention for your pet. Call 215-345-6960 to speak with a reservation specialist about lodging with activities or to schedule a daycare evaluation.

Call Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center today to book your pet’s one-of-a-kind vacation at our luxury pet care facility!