Fun Activities for Your Dog and Cat

Mar 26, 2020

With the many changes in our lives due to COVID-19, our pets can be such a comfort to us! Although we are all practicing self-isolation, social distancing, or quarantine, we can still partner with our pets to keep them active and have fun together. In this blog post we’ve laid out some fun activities for your dog.

Your canine couch potato might be more active with everyone at home and need more attention. Or, if your dog is used to playing with us in daycare or running around the dog park, the change in routine may be confusing. While our dog daycare remains open, if that’s not an option at this time, there’s lots you can do together at home!

Activities for dogs and cats provide meaningful exercise and mental stimulation. More importantly, being active encourages positive behaviors! Now more than ever, staying active boosts energy, mood and overall activities with dogs

Health benefits of being active include:

  • Weight control
  • Digestive health
  • Restful sleep
  • Being limber and agile
  • Mental stimulation
  • Positive behaviors

Providing your dog or cat with appropriate levels of exercise and play doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Spending just a few active moments together every day is beneficial—and if you have children at home, then make sure they include the dog in their fun and games. Here are fun activities for your dog or cat to enjoy while you’re at home together.

  • Daily (leash) walks around the neighborhood
  • If you have access to a local park, nature walks or hiking trails are a great way to explore together—don’t forget to take enough water for you both
  • Pull toys work the muscles
  • Play fetch with a ball or Frisbee
  • A game of chase added after a potty break is rewarding and fun
  • Hide-N-Seek makes your dog work for treats
  • Practice basic obedience skills
  • Cat toys and a tree with a scratching post keep kitty jumping and running, and even a box or window perch will encourage your cat to explore and provide enrichment. Cat activities include laser tag, feather wands, and cat nip.

Enrichment toys and activities are designed to challenge dogs to think, problem solve and stay active through brain games, challenging sensory work, and structured athletics and play. You may already have a toy such as a KONG® lying around. Many of these toys and activities can be done inside. Enrichment toys and activities include:fun activities with dogs

  • Solving food puzzles with toys like KONG®, the Tricky Treat™ Ball, or the Twist ‘n Treat™ encourage problem-solving skills and patience. Don’t have a food puzzle? You can create your own. Using paper plates or cups, set out a few in a row or block and hide a treat under one or two.
  • Hunting for dinner includes dividing up a serving of dry kibble and hiding small amounts around the house. This is a great activity to promote a healthy weight and slow down a fast eater.

When it’s time to get back to work, school, and other social activities, don’t let your pet’s activities end. Social play with other dogs is a great way to keep them active and healthy.  Dog daycare at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center provides dogs with the optimum amount of socialization, exercise, mental stimulation, and rest daily. The daycare teachers are highly-trained staff with experience in canine behaviors, training methods, and overall pet care.

We are answering your calls. Now is the perfect time speak with a client care specialist about enrolling your dog and to schedule a future evaluation and free week of dog daycare as our program resumes regular hours and operations. Call 215345-6960 today to be ready for a return to normal routines. Stay healthy, keep active, and have fun!

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