Pet Skin and Coat Treatments for Visible Results

Feb 11, 2021

Your dog might need skin and coat treatments if…

  • the scratching and licking never end
  • the red, inflamed spots indicate another infection
  • the skin is flaky, and the coat is dull

There’s more to your dog’s skin and coat than meets the eye. The skin and coat are a dog’s first line of protection from their environment, so maintaining healthy skin and a strong coat are essential. That may sound easy, but sometimes challenging issues such as an allergy hot spot or flaky, dry skin, and a dull coat need professional attention. Experienced groomers, in partnership with a veterinarian, can help resolve troubling skin conditions.

Skin and Coat Treatments for Resultsskin and coat treatments

Holiday House Pet Resort grooming salons offer Skin & Coat Treatments. The high-quality, specialty shampoos and products have a reputation for successfully helping pets with skin and coat problems. Iv San Bernard (ISB) professional grooming products are designed for skin and coat health. The company was also a leader in skin and coat care for pets with the creation of a pet aesthetician certification program.

“I’ve used the ISB products for nearly two decades with great confidence and terrific results. I have not encountered pets with sensitivities to the products,” said Liz Sines, master groomer and the manager of Holiday House Spa on State.

3 Basic Types of Coats

From American Pit Bulls to English Sheep Dogs, there’s a wide variety of coat types. For a professional groomer, it comes down to three basic types: short, medium, and long. Short coats include breeds such as Boxers, Pit Bulls, and German Shorthaired Pointers. Medium coat breeds include Golden Retrievers and Pomeranians. Finally, dog breeds with long coats include Poodles and all doodle mixes, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Yorkshire Terriers.

When it comes to grooming, short-haired breeds get less attention to their skin and coat than they should. Short-haired breeds have the least amount of skin protection, so their skin and coat need just as much attention as breeds with a medium or longer length coat. Short-haired breeds are prone to sunburn and allergy hot spots, so a good skincare regime is necessary.

Breeds with longer coats have thick undercoats that can be challenging to manage. Add the effects of seasonal allergies like hot spots or flaky skin due to dry winter conditions, and it may be time to seek help from a groomer.

Tanis’s Storyskin and coat treatments

Tanis is a three-year-old Shetland sheepdog. At one year old, Tanis developed hot spots on his tummy. The biting, scratching, and infection resulted in consistent trips to see the veterinarian and regular injections to control atopic dermatitis.

Managing the undercoat also became a challenge for Lisa, Tanis’s pet parent. Tanis did not enjoy having his coat brushed, and Lisa felt finding a groomer knowledgeable of Sheltie coats was not easy. She discovered Holiday House Pet Resort’s grooming salon at The Spa on State in September 2020.

“Ashley recommended a skin and coat treatment using the ISB Mineral Red line of products for allergies and dry skin. There are no more flaky, dry patches on his skin, and his coat is so smooth and silky. Tanis is a pleasure to pet, and he is happy and comfortable,” said Lisa.

Maintaining the health and beauty of your pet’s skin and coat is a process. Skin and coat treatments, like the Mineral Red line of products, should be applied regularly.

The health of your dog’s skin and coat is important to better tolerate harsh environmental and seasonal conditions. Skin disorders can become worse if not properly treated. Professional groomers can help resolve troubling skin conditions by assessing the skin and coat and recommending the best products and care regime for positive results.

Greatly reduce the licking, scratching, and infection associated with irritated skin with Skin & Coat Treatments at the grooming salons of Holiday House Pet Resort and The Spa on State.  The Spa on State also offers Spa Club, a premier bathing service designed for dogs that benefit from frequent grooming for optimal skincare and provides pet parents with convenient, pre-scheduled appointments. To schedule a grooming appointment with Holiday House Pet Resort, call 215-345-6960.

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