The Right Dog Training Programs for Busy Parents

Nov 16, 2022

You’ve already decided to train your new pup, but what type of training program is the right one? The first consideration should be how much time is available to commit to training your new puppy or dog.

Training a dog takes practice, patience, and consistency—all of which take time. If your answer is some variation of “I don’t have a lot of time” then a customized program offering a concentrated curriculum is a great choice.

The most popular professional training programs at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center are combined with either a resort lodging stay or participation in the dog daycare program. Both options provide a concentrated training curriculum when the timeline for completing the program is essential. The concentrated curriculum, especially for dogs that need a focused training plan, can produce quicker results than group training classes typically provide.

The certified trainers spend multiple one-on-one training sessions with your dog throughout each day of the program. When training is complete, the pet parent joins their dog for a final lesson to ensure a smooth transition home. Pet parents receive two additional lessons and a supporting training video of their dog to help maintain strong skills and continued success.

Start with Socialization

A beneficial first step to training for a puppy under six-months-old is participation in a puppy socialization or puppy kindergarten program. Socialization is about learning how to play with other dogs and experiencing new situations like a car ride, a vacuum cleaner, or a doorbell to generate positive reactions and build confidence. That confidence is the foundation for continued learning and success.

“Puppies have a critical window for socialization starting at about one month old,” says Dr. Laura Weis, who co-owns Doylestown Veterinary Hospital & Holistic Pet Care in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, with her husband Dr. Ransome Weis. “They need to learn how to get along with other people and pets, and how to handle all sorts of new situations. A well-socialized puppy is a happy and adjusted member of the family, and far less likely to develop separation anxiety and other fear-based behaviors.”

Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center holds free weekly puppy social hours—one for puppies between two and four months old and another for puppies between four and six months old. Pet care professionals carefully guide introductions and encourage proper play. Many puppies transition to attending dog daycare or a training program.

How does choosing Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center impact the relationship with your dog? Hear what our clients have to say!

Stay & Learn

The Stay & Learn program combines training with a resort lodging stay. This program is a perfect choice if you plan on lodging your dog at a pet resort while you are on vacation or a business trip. The dog participates in the resort activities you choose—like daycare, small group play sessions, and nature walks—and works one-on-one with the trainers during multiple daily sessions. This type of program is convenient and efficient for setting a foundation of skills with the dog when time is essential.

Play & Learn

The Play & Learn program combines training with a fun and active daycare experience. The perfect choice for energetic puppies and active dogs to be supervised and engaged while you are at work. Participation in a dog daycare program while training supports socialization and reinforces skills learned.

At Home

As the pet parent, you will still have to dedicate some time to working with your dog on learned obedience skills. Learning does not end with the training program. A dog training program provides a strong foundation of skills and communication tools to use at home.

Not all pet parents are able to dedicate the time to attending weekly group training classes and practicing between sessions. Or, maybe the weekly group classes did not produce the results as quickly as expected. That is ok—every dog is unique and may respond better to a program with greater focus. Training takes time, patience, and consistency. Stay & Learn and Play & Learn professional training programs offer the concentrated curriculum and one-on-one attention your dog may need to succeed. For busy pet parents, these programs offer an efficient timeline for completing a training program.

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