Dog Daycare Programs Keep Pets Happily Busy

Mar 5, 2015

From retrievers and herders to even the smallest dogs—historically bred to capture vermin—by nature, are energetic, smart and designed to perform a variety of jobs—of which solitary couch potato is not included! Dogs are social animals that enjoy spending time with people and other dogs, so when left alone a resourceful canine will find ways to keep busy. Chewing on your furniture, tunneling under the backyard fence and running through the neighbor’s garden, or barking and howling excessively are all game for a fun adventure.
The challenge with keeping your dog out of trouble is that while everyone is away—at work or at school—the house can be a quiet, lonely place. There are several options for providing your pet with plenty of exercise, enrichment and training to ensure a happy pup…and that your favorite pair of shoes remains free of teeth marks. A doggie daycare program is one option that offers many benefits to the dog and owner.

A Matter of Health and Happiness

The daily activities of a daycare program target the social, emotional and physical wellness of your dog. Obesity and depression are real health challenges faced by dogs too. With
over 70% of dogs considered overweight, exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy weight. As a social species, dogs instinctively want to be part of a pack which includes being an important member of the family as well as belonging to a group of friends at a dog park or involved with a pet-centric program. A good, well-structured daycare program should offer plenty of exercise with an open area for free play and companionship with other dogs, activities for enrichment and fun, and personal attention to match the unique needs of your dog.

Too Busy for Bad Behavior

Energy that is directed toward positive, healthy experiences and productive playtime leads to better behavior in public and at home. Dogs that receive the level of exercise and enrichment needed to burn off the excess energy are less likely to engage in destructive or bad behaviors due to boredom. Staying active throughout the day means your dog
will arrive home tired but happy
so you can both unwind together. A daycare program with highly-trained staff can provide reinforcement of skills and manners learned during training. Even among dogs, unruly behaviors can be socially unacceptable within an organized pack.

Being active has helped Bella…

Bella and Harvey quickly became best buds.
 Bella, a German Shepard, recently started attending the daycare program a couple days a week since her mother works the night shift and sleeps during the day. Short walks weren’t enough for Bella’s level of energy and jumping up to greet people was becoming a behavior challenge.
“She seems more content since coming to daycare to play, which pleases me. It gives me peace-of-mind knowing that she’s in good care,” expressed Bella’s mom Roseanne.
A day full of activities gives Bella the energy outlet she needs, and the teachers have been working with her to correct the jumping, which Roseanne said has calmed Bella down a lot. “Bella loves playing with the other dogs and she comes home tired,” added Roseanne.

Daycare at Holiday House Pet Resort

A typical day at Holiday House Pet Resort Doggie Daycare includes up to 10 hours of structured activities and free play, with a mid-day group siesta with relaxing music. Students enjoy themed weeks filled with daily activities including art projects, birthday parties with special treats, agility exercises, enrichment activities, pool splashing, and special events like a visit with a pet psychic ,Super Bowl inspired party or summer camp. Attend for two days or all week, rain or shine, your dog will enjoy personal attention and companionship in a healthy, caring atmosphere. Daycare is the perfect worry-free alternative to leaving your furry friend alone at home.
For a free daycare evaluation and trial, look for the special coupon in our March newsletter or call 215-345-6960 for details and to schedule a convenient appointment.

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