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Group Dog Training Classes Done Right

group dog training classes

Group dog training classes offer convenience and value. There’s no doubt that professional training offers numerous benefits to the dog and the family, so it’s important to find a program that best fits your schedule and budget. Private training is a highly-individualized experience, but a small group that’s guided by a trainer offers professionally designed…

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Dog Daycare Programs Keep Pets Happily Busy

From retrievers and herders to even the smallest dogs—historically bred to capture vermin—by nature, are energetic, smart and designed to perform a variety of jobs—of which solitary couch potato is not included! Dogs are social animals that enjoy spending time with people and other dogs, so when left alone a resourceful canine will find ways to keep busy. Chewing on…

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Brushing Your Pet's Teeth in 4 Easy Steps

Steps Courtesy of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Daily dental care for your pet is an important step in preventing periodontal disease. Brushing your dog or cat’s teeth can be done in 4 easy steps. Consult with your veterinarian about an annual dental exam and cleaning or if you have questions about brushing technique. Alert: Never use human toothpaste; only use toothpaste…

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7 Reasons Why Day Care is for Dogs

Not sure day care is for dogs? Here are seven reasons why it’s beneficial to your dog…and you too! Provides socialization Dog are naturally pack animals. They like to hang out and play with friends. It’s their version of the chatting around the water cooler…or gathering with friends at a favorite “watering hole.” Chances are a walk around the block…

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