Professional Grooming Spa Services for All Dogs & Cats

  • Is your pet’s shedding driving you crazy?
  • Does your dog need a breed-specific haircut and you don’t know whom to trust?
  • Does your dog have long nails that are damaging your floors?
  • Are your cat's nails becoming a problem?

If you said YES to any of these questions, the grooming experts at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center can help!

Our grooming professionals have the tools and skills to provide the perfect styling, skin and coat care, and shedding control. Your pet will look and feel amazing!

Bathing a golden retriever

Ask Us about $10 Off any Bathing or Grooming Service for New Clients!

New clients only. Excludes a la carte services.

Why Choose Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center for Grooming Spa Services?

  • State-of-the-art dog grooming equipment and techniques
  • Highly-trained in breed-standard styles or will customize to suit your preferences
  • Experts in shed control and skin care
  • Grooming services are available 7 days a week by appointment
  • Two convenient locations: At the Resort and The Spa on State
skin and coat treatments

Grooming Options

Full-Service Groom

  • Bath and blow dry
  • Full brush-out
  • Haircut or trim and style
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trim

Full-Service Bath

  • Bath and blow dry
  • Full brush-out
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trim

Quick Bath

  • Bath and blow dry
  • Quick brushing

Available Grooming Treatments

Ask for these grooming treatments by name when you schedule a grooming or bathing appointment!

Skin & Coat Treatment

Beautiful happy young Bichon Havanese dog from behind, looking at camera - isolated on white background
  • Assessment of the dog’s skin and coat for recommendation of best products and care regimen
  • Salon-quality products and specialty shampoos

Shed Control Treatment

Collie (4 years old)
  • Let us handle the excess hair so you don't have to!

Fresh Breath Service

Portrait of Liberty,
  • Naturally cleans your dog's mouth and freshens breath without brushing


dog nail care
  • Professional pedicure that results in short, smooth, and rounded nails

Ask Us About

  • Basic Nail Trim
  • Nose & Paw Pad Treatment
Golden retriever puppy

Good Start Grooming for Puppies

This special package is a gentle introduction to grooming for your puppy. We specialize in providing a relaxing and enjoyable spa experience for puppies to help them get accustomed to grooming.

  • Bath and dry
  • Trim around the face, feet, and sanitary area
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning

Benefits of Regular Bathing & Grooming

  • Decreases shedding
  • Promotes healthy skin and a healthy coat
  • Removes the stress of having to lift and struggle at home getting your dog into the bathtub
  • Trimmed nails are safer for your pet and you, and easier on your floors
  • Reduces chance of ear infections with properly cleaned ears
  • Trained eyes spot potential health risks before they become major complications


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Maine Coon sitting in front of a white background

Professional Grooming for Your Cat

Holiday House Spa on State offers full grooming services with Cat-Only Monday appointments. Our expert cat groomers will provide a luxurious spa experience for your feline during quiet dog-free days.

  • Bubble bath and dry
  • Nail care
  • Ear care

Ask Us about $10 Off any Bathing or Grooming Service for New Clients!

New clients only. Excludes a la carte services.