Make Your Holiday, Their Holiday Too!

Trusted Pet Care for 6 Decades.

Our most popular program for a concentrated training curriculum combined with all the resort lodging amenities when the timeline for completing a training program is essential.

The certified trainers will spend multiple sessions with your dog throughout each day. When training is complete, the pet parent joins their dog for a final lesson to ensure a smooth transition home. Two additional lessons are available to maintain strong skills and continued success.

We offer several options:

  • 20-Day Stay & Learn
  • 15-Day Stay & Learn
  • 10-Day Stay & Learn
  • 5-Day Stay & Learn


Now is the best time to start socialization and training for your puppy.

Benefits of our professional dog training program with the lodging option are:

  • Perfect if you need lodging for your dog while you are on vacation or out of town
  • A concentrated curriculum for dogs that need a focused training plan with quicker results than group training classes typically provides
  • Convenient and efficient training for pet parents who are not able to dedicate the initial time needed with the dog to set a foundation of skills

As a lodging guest at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center, your dog will enjoy all the lodging amenities and activities our luxury resort offers in addition to the daily training sessions.


If you are ready to enroll your dog in a professional training program, call us today to schedule your training program introduction and get started now!