Two dogs with two dog trainersPLAY & LEARN TRAINING

At Holiday House Pet Resort and Training Center, the Play & Learn professional dog training combines training with our daycare program which is a worry-free alternative to leaving your dog home alone during the day. We offer three options:

  • 5-Day Play & Learn
  • 10-Day Play & Learn
  • 15-Day Play & Learn

I’m absolutely thrilled with the change in my dog, Bugsy, since attending Play and Learn at the Holiday House Pet Resort.  Bugsy is a 7lb Chorki. He is very smart, but was afraid of larger dogs–barking and lunging at other dogs.  After attending  ‘Play and Learn’, Bugsy is calm and obedient when walking on the leash and is no longer afraid of other dogs. In fact, he stands in the middle of all the large dogs at Holiday House Resort Daycare and definitely shows no fear! Thank you Holiday House Pet Resort and your wonderful staff of trainers!

Robin K.

The benefits of our professional dog training program with the daycare option are:

  • A fun, supervised way for your dog to spend the day while you are at work
  • Two options tailored to meet the needs and personality of your dog: group daycare or personal daycare
  • A busy curriculum for dogs that enjoy an active, social atmosphere and personal attention from highly-trained, caring staff
  • Convenient and efficient training for pet parents who are not able to spend the dedicated time on a daily and weekly basis needed to work with the dog

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