Daycare Programs for Every Dog

While it’s true that all dogs love to have fun, “fun” means something different to every pup! We’ve developed multiple daycare programs to ensure every dog has a great day at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center. We’ll provide plenty of interaction, exercise, mental engagement, and professional supervision in our indoor and outdoor daycare yards.

Group Play Programs

Lots of dogs enjoy nothing more than running around with fellow canines—it’s in their genes, after all! For these dogs, we offer a variety of options to suit every energy level.


This group play program provides the socialization, stimulation, and exercise dogs need in a safe place.

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Great for the Adventurer who thrives on extra-enriching activities including brain games and herding balls, nature hikes, bubble parties, fun-gility, and more.


For the dog who loves a challenge, this group combines the enrichment offered in the Explorer program plus trainer-led activities including trainer-guided hikes, refresher work on obedience skills, introductions to new equipment, and more.

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Call us today to schedule your Daycare Introduction and find out which one is best for your dog!

premium dog daycare programs

Personal Play Programs

  • V.I.P. (Very Important Pets!) - A fun day tailored to the activities and attention our V.I.Ps enjoy most. From individual or small-group supervised play to cuddles and lap time, it’s the perfect day, their way.
  • V.I.P. Explorers - V.I.P. Explorers enjoy adoring attention our staff, customized games and activities, as well as extra-enriching daily fun. Personal nature walks, fun time with bacon-flavored bubbles, and brain games in a safe and enriching environment.
  • V.I.P Trailblazers - Our V.I.P. Trailblazers enjoy supervised play, enrichment activities, and a personalized trainer-led activity. The perfect balance of play, mental exercise, and relaxation for a fulfilling experience.

For a limited time, new clients can receive 5 Free Days of Dog Daycare!

Offer is for new clients only, on consecutive days, and may not be combined with other offers.