Resort Recreation & Relaxation for Cats

One would say a cat's favorite activity is napping, but being active is important too. Choose from a variety of activities that provide exercise, socialization, or one-on-one time. Research from the pet industry clearly demonstrates the more activity and human interaction pets receive, the happier and healthier they are — especially when away from home.

We have discounted activity packages or you can customize your cat's resort itinerary. Speak with a Reservation Specialist to select the best activities for your cat's health and happiness.

  • Large cat tree
  • Feather wand
  • Laser tag
  • Scratching post
  • Organic catnip toy
  • Snuggle session
  • Rocking chair relaxation
  • Brushing session
Two cats sitting on a cat tree

Purrfect Kitty Package

The purr-fect activity package for active cats to explore and tap into their wild side. Pick three activities that your cat will love from our list activities for cats.

  • Choice of 3 activities
  • Organic catnip toy
  • Cat grass (seasonal)
  • Photo

TLC Package

For senior cats or cats with special needs—such as diabetes or kidney disease—our staff and veterinary team provides extra attention and medical care, including medications or injections. We can custom design care and activities to meet the unique needs of your cat.

  • Unlimited medications
  • Blood glucose checks at the veterinary hospital for diabetic cats
  • Choice of 3 activities
  • Photo

Happy Cat Package

Cats benefit from enrichment activities and exercise while lodging with us. We offer a variety of activities even the most finicky felines will enjoy.

  • Choice of 2 activities
  • Organic catnip toy

Cat P.A.T. Package

Our Personal Attention Time package offers the choice of an activity you feel is best suited for your feline.

  • Choice of 1 activity

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