When Shelter Pets Learn & Thrive: Leah’s Story

Jan 13, 2020

When shelter pets learn and thrive, good things happen! January is National Train Your Dog Month, and Leah’s story is shaping up to be proof that professional dog training can saves lives. Professional dog training offers numerous benefits to the dog and the owner. When a pet is properly trained, it shows that the dog is an important part of the family and that good behavior is expected and rewarded positively.

Professional Dog Training Helps Shelter Dogs Find Homes

An important benefit of training for the dog is that it may save its life. The top reason for dogs to be abandoned or dropped at a shelter is behavioral problems that become too overwhelming for an owner.

“In 2019 a total of 701 dogs and puppies were surrendered by their owner to the Bucks County SPCA’s shelters in Lahaska and Quakertown. People make the difficult decision to surrender a pet for many reasons: moving to a residence where dogs are not allowed, losing a job, a death in the family, or due to behavior problems that they cannot manage,” said Cindy Kelly, director of communications for the Bucks County SPCA.

Shelter pets engaged in training and enrichment activities are able to better handle the stress of the transition and living in an unfamiliar environment. Training sessions and other beneficial activities also provide an outlet for their energy. “And, of course, well-behaved dogs with good manners are more appealing to adopters,” added Kelly.

Leah’s Story

Leah is a five-year-old Jack Russell Pug mix waiting for adoption at the Bucks County SPCA in Quakertown. Adjusting to shelter life for Leah was challenging because she can be reactive to other dogs and experienced stress during certain situations. The staff wanted to help Leah better handle challenging situations with ease so that she can be matched with a terrific new forever family.

Leah is a playful dog who loves learning and has been working on good habits and new skills recommended by the professional trainers at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center.

“The help and resources provided by the staff at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center has made Leah’s training much easier for staff and volunteers here at the shelter, especially when Leah is engaged in a very stimulating environment. With the tools provided, we can positively redirect Leah to help her calm down again by connecting with her trainer and our volunteers. Enrichment and training at the shelter is a key to helping pets like Leah find a good home where they can continue to learn and thrive,” said Becca, staff member at the BCSPCA Quakertown shelter.

In general, training does not end with a few sessions. Reinforcing new skills requires practice. Leah’s new parents will receive a complimentary private lesson from Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center and support from the BCSPCA so learning can continue together at home. Contact the shelter at 267-347-4674 if you are interested in a meet and greet with Leah.

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning of Leah’s story…

In the Home

The biggest benefits of training to pet parents is that it teaches the dog how to recognize the leader and respect that authority. Training also provides structure and communication for a balanced life.

A well-trained dog:

  • Reduces family stress
  • Reduces damage to the home and personal belongings
  • Increases a sense of safety and security
  • Creates a strong bond between the dog and parent
  • Reduces costs associated with owning a dog
  • Improves overall quality of life in the home

Professional Training: A Foundation for SuccessDog being trained to follow

The training programs at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center are unique because your dog is immersed in training and resort activities while part of a Stay & Learn or Play & Learn program. Working with multiple trainers over several daily sessions, keeps the dog focused on learning the commands and expected behaviors versus following one leader. The resort also offers a variety of small group training sessions, and free puppy social hour classes are available weekly.

The ultimate benefit of training to the parent and the dog is happiness. Proper training builds a strong bond which can result in a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Call Holiday House Pet Resort at 215-345-6960 to learn more about how our unique and successful training programs can achieve results, and to schedule a training evaluation.

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