Embark on Learning Adventures with the Trailblazer Dog Daycare Program

Oct 24, 2023

Every dog—no matter the breed or age—can learn, has the desire to please, and holds the potential to exceed expectations. The Trailblazer dog daycare program at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center is designed to boost your dog’s potential by honing their skills and offering enrichment activities. Led by professional trainers, each Trailblazer participates in activities tailored to the dog’s needs and the pet parent’s goals.

This daycare program is about instilling a sense of enthusiasm for learning and of mastery of obedience skills. In the Trailblazer daycare program, your dog will learn valuable skills and participate in engaging activities that stimulate their mind.

Here’s a closer look at what this unique daycare program offers.

Introduction to New Experiences

One of the cornerstones of the Trailblazer program is the opportunity for your dog to explore and adapt to new experiences. Whether it’s introducing them to items in our Sensory Garden or completing a skill, this program is designed to boost your dog’s confidence and reinforce learned skills.

Trainer-Guided Activities

Obedience skills are a fundamental aspect of a well-behaved dog. Since the refresher work on obedience skills is the foundation of the Trailblazer program, each dog should ideally be a graduate of either the Stay & Learn or Play & Learn training program at Holiday House Pet Resort or have a good grasp of basic skills from another professional training program. The additional reinforcement provided in this daycare program helps solidify concepts learned during basic obedience.

Focusing Through Purposeful Distractions

Dogs are naturally curious creatures, and it’s important to teach them how to focus through distractions. In the Trailblazer program, your dog will undergo exercises that enhance their ability to concentrate amidst various stimuli, which can be particularly helpful in real-life situations.

Advantages of the Daycare Trailblazer Program:

  • One-on-one sessions with a professional trainer to reinforce and build upon training skills
  • Participation in enrichment activities like herding or nose work, puzzles, and fun’gility games

“Our Trailblazer program is an effective way to provide ongoing training for dogs that have been through one or more of our training programs previously. This daycare program helps to “refresh” and further “hone” obedience skills and learned behaviors with our training staff. Providing an outlet for exercise, problem-solving, and mental stimulation enhances the daycare experience,” said Mark Berkowitz, lead professional trainer with Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center.

The program is equal parts fun and learning. Each day in the Trailblazers program, our trainers will lead the training activity in a nurturing environment for a positive experience. The enrichment activity, led by our daycare activity coordinators, offers a rich sensory experience, helping to build their confidence and resilience.

The daycare Trailblazer program is about nurturing your dog’s potential, boosting their confidence, and enhancing their skills. By enrolling your dog in this program, you are investing in their well-being and your happiness. Unleash your dog’s potential by enrolling in the Holiday House Pet Resort Trailblazer daycare program, and watch them develop into a more confident, well-rounded, and skilled companion.

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