Tail-Wagging Fun & Learning – Daycare Scouts Winter Camp for Puppies Returns!

Dec 18, 2023


The popular Daycare Scouts Winter Camp returns to Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center in January for 12 Saturdays of tail-wagging fun and engaging games for puppies up to one year old. Enrollment is open.

Dogs today are valued members of the family and the community, and are recognized for the social, emotional, and wellness benefits their companionship can provide. Socialization improves a dog’s ability to communicate effectively with humans and other dogs. And, dogs thrive when participating in activities that enhance their social, emotional, and cognitive well-being.

The popular Daycare Scouts Winter Camp for puppies returns to Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center for 2024, starting on January 13 and running for 12 active Saturdays. The program is designed exclusively for puppies up to one year old with engaging activities for tail-wagging fun and learning. Enrollment is open.

Dog daycare has evolved into an essential program for dogs—providing the diverse experiences, enrichment, and companionship they desire. Moving from a small puppy socialization class to a larger daycare group is an integral step in a puppy’s development. A smooth transition is crucial for a puppy’s level of confidence and comfort in larger group settings.

Daycare Scouts Winter Camp eases the transition from a socialization activity—like the free Puppy Social Hour on Thursday and Friday evenings at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center—to a daycare program by boosting a puppy’s confidence, promoting positive reactions to new experiences, and ensuring comfort in larger group settings. Whether your puppy has attended puppy social or is joining for the first time, every Saturday promises fun and friendship.

Ro Riley, the daycare manager, describes Saturday Scouts Winter Camp as “an ideal chance for puppies to play together, participate in enriching activities, and be around a few adult dogs in a group setting that is more intimate than that of the weekday daycare program.

Structured for Success

daycare scouts

Puppies inherently crave structure and consistency, and the Saturday daycare program for puppies was designed with that in mind. Experienced daycare teachers will guide the puppies in learning manners and appropriate play styles. The adult dogs in the group serve as mentors. Each Saturday will include a structured schedule of free play, enrichment activities, and designated rest periods.

The enrichment activities focus on three types of skills: mental, physical, and life skills. The enrichment activities include:

  • Cognitive tasks like food puzzles and snuffle mats
  • Sensory experiences either in our Sensory Garden (weather permitting) or in the daycare room for discovering new sights, scents, and sounds
  • Physical exercise from climbing on the play yard equipment or playing with balls and rope toys
  • An introduction to basic obedience focuses on necessary life skills

VIP Scouts for Older Pups

Puppies over six months old who are unneutered join the VIP Scouts group, engaging in one-on-one activities or small group play sessions. The first Saturday serves as an Introduction Day for the group.

First Day Excitement

Puppies usually arrive on the first day of camp with some anticipation, and then quickly dive into the fun. Each Saturday session promises enrichment activities designed for each skill type. Life skill activities will include SIT, WAIT, and learning about boundaries with people and other pups.

“The life skill activity will be introduced early in the day so we can practice with the puppies throughout the day. Learning—and mastering a skill—requires consistency and repetition in a positive, and fun, atmosphere. We’ll share the activity with the pet parents so they can practice with their pup at home,” added Ro Riley.

A member of our professional training team will join the class on occasion during the program to lead the group in special activities. These trainer-led activities will support our life skills initiative. Pet parents will be offered a complimentary training evaluation to ensure the learning experience extends beyond the Daycare Scouts program. The evaluation integrates the pet parent’s objectives and expectations with valuable insights from the trainer, providing personalized recommendations to craft a successful training program.

Start Early with Daycare and Training

With vaccinations underway, puppies are encouraged to attend social programs, dog daycare, and professional training programs. Many graduates from the puppy social hour program at Holiday House Pet Resort enroll in the popular Play & Learn training program at the resort. The training program combines the benefits of the resort daycare program with multiple one-on-one training sessions each day.

The evolving roles of dogs in modern families and communities highlight the importance of intentional socialization and enrichment activities. These experiences—starting in puppyhood—contribute to their behavioral and physical well-being. Investment in a dog’s social development and overall health has a positive impact on the family bond and the broader community.

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