Essential Tips for Summer Paw Pad Care

paw pads

As summer weather conditions intensify, it’s important to pay special attention to your furry friend’s paw pads. Just like humans, dogs’ feet are susceptible to various summer-related challenges, such as hot pavement, rough surfaces, and potential injuries. With regular care, you can ensure that your pet’s paws stay healthy, comfortable, and ready for all their…

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5 Reasons Professional Grooming for Your Cat Makes Perfect Sense

grooming for your cat

Like people, cats are capable of keeping a clean appearance. Kittens learn the art of grooming quickly, and cats can spend up to 50% of their day cleaning themselves. It may appear to be a matter of vanity, but it’s also for health reasons like keeping calm, cool, and free of parasites. “People believe that…

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5 Reasons to Book a Resort Spring Break for Your Pets

spring break for pets

After a long post-holiday January and a blustery start to February, you and your dog are thinking about Spring Break! Your furry couch potato is probably daydreaming of fun. Running around outside with friends, learning a new skill, or soaking in a bubble bath are sweet visions that you can make a reality. Whether you…

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The Best Skin and Coat Care for Your Dog

How often should I bathe my dog during the winter months?  Actually, frequent bathing with moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners can improve the health of your dog’s skin and coat. Since a dog’s skin and coat are the first line of defense from the harsh winter conditions, year-round care is essential for strong protection. Winter flakes…

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5 Reasons to Give Your Pup A Professional Pedicure

dog nail care

Why struggle with dog nail filing or clipping when there are five fabulous reasons to give your pup a professional pedicure? If it’s not your dog’s nails clicking and clacking across your floors, or getting snagged on the good carpet, then it’s an Olympic wrestling match to clip the claws. When you leave it to…

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Why Dog Shedding Happens and How to Control It

Explaining why dog shedding happens is easy, but how to control it can be a challenge. There are the usual, questionably successful, ways for dealing with a shedding pet, but now there is a better option. “As great as Trotter is, he’s a long-haired German Shepard. His hair was everywhere. There was a lot of…

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Pet Skin and Coat Treatments for Visible Results

skin and coat treatments

Your dog might need skin and coat treatments if… the scratching and licking never end the red, inflamed spots indicate another infection the skin is flaky, and the coat is dull There’s more to your dog’s skin and coat than meets the eye. The skin and coat are a dog’s first line of protection from…

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Leave Pet Grooming Treatments to Us

Let’s face it – giving your pet grooming treatments is not fun. We know you want to spend more fun time with your dog by: giving fewer baths, spending less time vacuuming up dog hair, avoiding your dog because of bad breath, and covering up nicks and scratches on your floor. But wait, how can…

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There’s more to your dog’s skin and coat than meets the eye. The skin and coat are a dog’s first line of protection from their environment, so maintaining healthy skin and a strong coat is essential. Sounds easy but sometimes challenging issues such as an allergy hot spot or flaky, dry skin and a dull…

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Dog Grooming: A Positive Experience

White dog in a red bandana

Dog grooming is an essential part of overall health care for our pets. While a bath or nail trim can be done at home, many coats are extremely challenging for pet owners to maintain properly at home, therefore professional dog grooming is recommended. However, you worry about your dog’s behavior at the grooming salon, safety,…

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