Pets and July 4th Celebrations

Pets and July 4th celebrations don’t always go well together. Dogs and cats can be frightened and easily stressed by the loud sounds created by firecrackers and fireworks or large crowds. In some cases, the sounds and stress can cause a change in behavior. This infographic offers a few tips for recognizing stress or anxiety in your pet.…

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Bring Your Lost Pet Home

Pet being scanned for microchip

This pet is being scanned for a microchip. The warmer weather seems to bring an increase in lost pet postings around town or on social media. Whether scared away by loud noises like firecrackers or thunderstorms, slipping out a door that was accidentally left open, or getting past an invisible fence, losing your pet can…

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Does Your Pet Have a Noise Phobia?

A sudden clap of thunder, firecrackers or yelling can cause a surprised reaction and instinctive desire to hide for any pet. When that reaction becomes a persistent and profound fear to loud sounds causing severe anxiety and unwanted behaviors, your dog may have a noise phobia. The extreme reaction to noises usually gets worse if…

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