Canine Influenza: The Dog Flu

Dog with its head on a pillow

We’re all familiar with the human influenza virus that makes the rounds every winter. We sneeze, cough, have a runny nose, and suffer from chills and fever. Your dog can catch the canine influenza virus, and although the symptoms are similar to human flu, it’s not the same flu virus that infects people. The canine…

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Prevent Lyme Disease in Your Dog

To prevent Lyme disease in your dog, Doylestown Veterinary Hospital and Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center offer a look at important facts and figures. Did you know… 8% of all positive cases of Lyme in Pennsylvania are from Bucks County 1 out of 9 dogs in Bucks County tested positive for Lyme In…

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Caring for Your Senior Pet

When our best friends come to us, often in the puppy or kitten stage, caring for them during their senior years seems a long way off. However, some breeds can reach the senior and geriatric stages in as few as five or six years, and each year that goes by considerably increases their age in…

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