Cat-Friendly Lodging for Professional Care

cat friendly lodging

Cat-friendly lodging or a pet sitter? Cats have independent personalities. It’s convenient to leave cats home alone since they don’t require a formal walk with a human to heed nature’s call, and prefer to nap in a quiet, sunny spot–from sunrise to sundown. But cats still enjoy the comforts and safety that humans provide. Dogs…

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Tips for Preparing to Board Your Pet at A Resort

Preparing to board your pet at a resort while you are away is an important step in creating a positive experience. It’s an exciting day—you are ready for vacation and it’s time to drop your dog or cat off for lodging. Even though you are looking forward to your trip, the moment you have to leave your pet…

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Pet Resorts Are for Cats Too!

You might not think so, but pet resorts are for cats too! Cats certainly have independent personalities. For the most part, they are: Polite eaters—never inhaling their entire daily feeding in 5 seconds flat thinking it may be their last meal ever Don’t require a formal walk with a human to heed nature’s call Prefer…

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