Training a Puppy: Fifi’s Story

training a puppy

Fifi was everything you’d expect from a 4-month old Shih Tzu-mix puppy—super cute, energetic, nippy…and a “bit of a wild child” according to her mom. So where do you begin with training a super-charged puppy that bites everything that moves, pulls on a lead, and goes potty everywhere but outside? “It felt like Fifi was…

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Training Directs Playful Energy into Good Manners

Toby is still an exuberant, playful dog but now he demonstrates good manners and obedience skills thanks to a professional dog training program. Recently retired and with more time to devote to a pet, Linda and Rob wanted to adopt a puppy. They were in search of a mild-mannered dog breed with a sweet disposition…

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Back-to-School Season for the Dogs

doggie daycare

Back-to-school season for the dogs means fun activities and a variety of training programs for pups of all ages, breeds and personalities. There’s positive energy in the September air that inspires us to return to school and work with a renewed spirit for learning and accomplishment. We all know dogs are smart, but it’s important to provide dogs…

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