Should I Pet a Service Dog?

Should I pet a service dog? Service dogs perform a variety of important jobs to assist the owner or handler. Sure they are cute and sweet and furry…they are dogs…and we just love talking to them and petting them. But these dogs are working so it’s important to have respect and not treat them like…

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Safety Tips to Avoid a Dog Bite

learn to speak dog

May is National Dog Bite Awareness Month. No matter how friendly and outgoing we are, sometimes we feel the need to protect our personal space. The same holds true for dogs. Understanding and respecting the signs a dog is giving can help protect you from a dog bite.

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Avoid the Bite: Tips for Approaching a Dog Properly

As pet lovers we have the best of intentions when showering love upon every dog we meet. However, even the nicest of dogs can sometimes be caught off guard and react with an unexpected negative response. Avoid the bite with these tips. First, situations to avoid and when to be extra careful. Never approach an…

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