Pawsitively Fit Camp Week is Doggone Fun

Exercise is essential to overall fitness–for pets and humans!

Holiday House Pet Resort & Doylestown Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to the health and happiness of your pet. We are proud to continue a fitness tradition with our 3rd Annual Pawsitively Fit Camp Week in Doggie Daycare June 9-13, 2014.

The event is part of our Daycare program for June, but if you’re not a Daycare client you are still encouraged to participate from home. From couch potato to active dogs and cats, have fun with different activities at a pace that’s comfortable to your pet. Check out our blog series to learn more about nutrition and exercise.

When starting an exercise program for your pet, Dr. Laura Weis, co-owner of Doylestown Veterinary Hospital, suggests having your dog or cat examined by a veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues or physical limitations. She added that starting any plan should be a gentle process, especially if your dog or cat is overweight.

  • Take your dog for a walk on a leash for at least 15 minutes a day–and you’ll enjoy the benefits too! For indoor cats,
    providing enough physical activity throughout the day is more challenging.
  • Adopting a playmate for your cat is one option; otherwise, offer your cat a range of toys to chase, boxes to explore or towers to climb.

Each day during our Pawsitively Fit Camp Week there will be weight checks and special camp activities including:

  • Nature walks
  • Pools
  • Agility and obstacle courses
  • Frisbee Free for All
  • Tunnel Play
  • Tennis Ball Bonanza
  • Yoga & Massage

These activities are easy to do at home or meet friends at your local dog park to make it group play. Follow us on Facebook for fun photos and links to blog posts dedicated to this event. We welcome your Comments and if you’re local to Holiday House Pet Resort and Doylestown Veterinary Hospital, call 215-345-6960 to arrange a tour or schedule appointment for a Daycare Evaluation or Consultation and Exam.