Partner with Your Pup for Exercise

Jun 11, 2014

Exercise and play keep your pet’s mind sharp and its body fit. Benefits of being active include help with:
•    Weight control
•    Being limber and agile
•    Digestive health
•    Unwanted behaviors like digging, chewing and excessive barking
•    Building confidence and trust
•    Restful sleep

Your dog or cat loves to spend time with you. The best activity is the one you can easily do together. Finding activities that are easy and convenient for your lifestyle will help with consistency and success. Exercise is good for you and good for your dog or cat!

Agility training exercises the body and mind.

Here are some ideas to get you moving and keep your dog or cat fit:
•    Daily (leash) walks – get out for a nice walk and meet your neighbors
•    Nature walks or hiking trails – discover a new park or trail around the lake
•    Pull toys – work those muscles with a tug-o-war rope
•    Fetch – all you need is a good stick or ball
•    Chase – if your dog steals your sneaker, turn frustration into fun
•    Hide-N-Seek – make your dog work for treats by hiding healthy foods to find
•    Swimming – do a doggie paddle lap (or two) across your pool or in the lake; if neither are available, then purchase a baby pool or sprinkler for a splashing good time
•    Social play – playing with other dogs at a daycare program or dog park provides free play
•    Sports and training – enroll in agility training, Frisbee contests or herding programs
•    Cat toys – keep kitty jumping and running with a supply of feathers, small balls and fuzzy mice; add some catnip for extra crazy

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