Nail Trimming 101 for Good Pet Grooming

Sep 29, 2014

Good grooming is essential for your dog’s overall wellness–this includes regular nail trimming. Imagine what walking would be like if our toenails were the first thing to hit the ground with every step we took. Uncomfortable? You bet. We have some great advice on how to trim your pet’s nails.

Keeping your dog or cat’s nails trimmed can avoid a trip to the veterinarian; An irregular gait due to long nails can result in skeletal problems, and broken nails can cause pain and infection.

Most veterinarians and grooming salons offer nail trimming but it is something you can do at home. Here are tips for trimming your pet’s nails while reducing the stress that often occurs.

  • Be relaxed and take it slow and easy–pets are really good at reading our emotions and body language
  • Associate nail trimming with positive experiences like a toy, a tasty treat or playing together as a reward
  • Using pet nail clippers, insert the nail into the guillotine blade, holding the trimmer perpendicular to the nail so you cut from top to bottom
  • Squeeze the handles to cut through the nail
  • For clear nails, cut two millimeters from the quick–the pink part of the nail
  • For dark nails, cut one sliver of nail at a time to avoid cutting the quick. Stop trimming when you see a gray or pink oval

All finished–great job!

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