How Do I Know My Dog is Happy at Daycare?

Feb 29, 2024


How do I know if my dog is happy at daycare? Here are five signs that your dog is enjoying the daycare experience.

The popularity of dog daycare has grown as a preferred choice among busy pet parents, offering a vital solution to provide their canine companions with a socially and mentally stimulating day. While the idea of a daycare yard filled with furry friends and tennis balls seems like a dream come true for most pups, it’s essential for a quality dog daycare program to discern whether every dog is enjoying the experience.

How do I know if my dog is happy at daycare?

Understanding the subtle cues and behaviors that indicate joy and contentment in a daycare setting is crucial for ensuring a dog’s well-being and happiness. Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center in Doylestown, PA, offers a variety of daycare programs tailored to provide the best experience for each dog. The daycare teachers regularly evaluate the dogs to provide parents with recommendations on which program or activities would be most beneficial for their dog.

Here are five signs that your dog is enjoying the daycare experience.


You say, “Daycare” and an enthusiastic dash to the door is the tail-wagging response. We can’t know for sure how much of our language dogs understand, but the reaction to words like “treat”, “walk”, “vet”, “bath”, and “daycare” are clear indicators that the dog knows what’s coming next. If Fido does a happy dance to the car, then chances are the dog daycare experience is positive.

Relaxed body language

A dog that is comfortable and happy with the daycare experience will exhibit relaxed body language.

“Our daycare team are experts in reading canine body language. Every dog is unique so body language can differ among dogs. Getting to know each dog in our care is important. When that body language changes for the better, you can see it and we know the dog is happy, said Rowena Riley, daycare manager with Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center.

Adding, “Facilitating a thorough introduction process is necessary in welcoming a new dog to our daycare environment. The expertise in body language helps us determine which daycare program the dog would enjoy most so that we can guide the parent in making the best decision. As the dog grows more accustomed to daycare, we leverage their body language cues to assess whether additional enrichment activities would be beneficial, and whether a larger or smaller group setting could further enhance their overall experience.

Positive interactions with staff and other dogs

How does your dog react when you pull into the parking lot? A willingness to get out of the car is a good indication your dog is not stressed and ready for a fun day. Whether your dog thrives playing with a group of dogs, prefers the company of a few furry friends, or takes pleasure in walks with a human guide, the dog daycare programs at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center offer exactly the kind of day your dog enjoys most.

Each play program has an Explorer experience that engages the dogs in special enrichment activities like food puzzles, fun’gility skills, and a Sensory Garden filled with safe smells to sniff and places to explore.

“Enrichment activities expose dogs to new experiences and stimuli that foster exploration and problem-solving. Dogs need mental stimulation as much as the physical and social stimulation that a daycare program offers. The dog’s confidence gets a boost when that enrichment interaction is a positive experience. A dog that is confident and happy is less likely to have separation anxiety or to engage in negative behaviors,” said Lindsay Smith, activities coordinator with Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center.

General excitement

When you arrive at daycare to pick up your dog at the end of the day, your dog may either show signs of happiness and general excitement to see you or a reluctance to leave the fun behind. And if that general excitement quickly turns to a hardy nap, you’ll know your dog didn’t miss one minute of all the fun and social shenanigans.

Positive changes at home

A dog that enjoys the daycare experience is less likely to exhibit negative behaviors, like chewing on household items, digging, excessive barking, or pacing that are commonly associated with boredom or needing to burn off excess canine energy. After a mentally and physically stimulating day at daycare, your dog will be tired, content, and less anxious.

And there are benefits for you as well! Enrolling your dog in an engaging dog daycare program provides peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe and supervised, and joy knowing that your dog is receiving the exercise, socialization, and stimulation that contribute to overall well-being and happiness. The daycare programs at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center are designed for all personalities and levels of energy to give each dog a day filled with the activities they enjoy most.

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