What to Expect After Boarding Your Pet?

Dec 9, 2016

What to expect after boarding your pet at a resort during a vacation?

The holiday season can be very hectic and we’ve laid out for you what to expect after boarding your pet so you can have some peace of mind.

It’s a busy few weeks for even the coolest of cats or party-going pups, and especially for those spending time at a luxury pet resort while family is visiting Grandma in Orlando or Uncle Bob in Bismarck.

Your dog or cat may experience a post-Holiday hangover after a fun-filled stay at Holiday House Pet Resort &

 Training Center. Here’s what to expect from your pet after staying at a pet resort and how you can help with the transition back home:


The cat may seem to be indifferent about your return, and the dog is excited to see whether you’re gone for 5 minutes or 5 days, but the fact remains, they are glad to be home with you.

Your pet had a good time participating in daily activities and being loved by an entire staff of caregivers at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center, but now that you’re home, it’s clear you were missed. Spend extra quiet time providing plenty of cuddles, kisses, and ear scratches to let your pet know you missed them too.


what to expect after boarding your petVacations are exhausting. Your dog has been on daily nature walks or playing with new friends in Daycare. Your cat climbed a tree, explored new places, or chased prey disguised as a feather. Don’t panic if your pet passes out in a comfy spot for a solid day or two. Fur babies need sleep to recharge.


Yes, your pet had plenty of fresh water during their entire stay at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center, but lots of activities can result in increased thirst.  Don’t be surprised if you’re filling the water dish more than usual.

Diet Basics

Your dog could have an increased appetite from all the activities or be so tired that food is not a priority. Yes, we realize your dog is named Hoover for a reason but a decreased appetite is possible. Don’t panic, just focus on getting your pet back on a regular feeding schedule.

Some pets may experience stomach upset or diarrhea after a change in routine. Please give us a call or consult with your veterinarian if your dog or cat does not feel well. We all know that feeling after consuming too much party food, so a balanced diet that is easy to digest is the best remedy.


what to expect after boarding your petThe great thing about a holiday vacation is doing fun things and not worrying about a regular routine. But when vacation is over, it’s important to get back into the swing of things at home. Return to your pet’s usual feeding times, potty breaks outside, exercise and play times, and especially following house rules to reestablish good behaviors quickly.

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