Best Places in Bucks to Walk Your Dog

Oct 5, 2020

The first week of October is National Walk Your Dog Week. For pet parents, every day includes walking the dog, but a full week of national recognition is a great opportunity to make it more exciting. Of course, the health benefits for dogs (and people) are many. So how can you take an ordinary walk and make it extraordinary?

walk the dog

How about five awesome dog-friendly places in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to discover if you’re looking to get out of the neighborhood! It’s no surprise, all of these places require dogs to be leashed.

Does your dog walk nicely on a leash?

Or does it feel like your dog is taking you for a walk? Professional dog training can help turn a push-and-pull trip around the block into an experience you (both) enjoy.

“Common behaviors identified by pet parents when looking for a training program include pulling on the lead or negatively reacting to other people and pets walking by. Good manners and obedience skills are important, especially outside of the home if you want to include your dog in your activities and travels. It begins with socialization. Socialization is not just about play dates, it includes giving your dog a variety of experiences with different people, places, and sounds. A good professional training program should teach your dog how to properly handle real-life distractions like you’d have during a walk,” said Jess Philp, manager of dog training at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center.

walk the dog

Clear communication fosters confidence and creates a positive relationship. Teaching basic obedience establishes a language your dog can understand and sets expectations for good behavior. No two dogs are the same, so to achieve long-term success, the dog as a whole must be taken into consideration. Breed characteristics, personality, and overall energy level are important factors to be considered when creating a training program that connects with the dog.

Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center in Doylestown, PA offers a variety of professional dog training programs. The most popular programs include Stay & Learn and Play & Learn which are concentrated curriculums coupled with either lodging and activities or the daycare program. Small group training sessions are also available. The resort offers a free puppy socialization hour for puppies two to six months old.

Discovering new places together

Whether your dog is ready for a new experience now or first needs the skills to confidently walk beside you along a busy path, there are plenty of outdoor adventures awaiting your dog and you. From one end of beautiful Bucks County to the other, here are five of the best places to walk your dog:

  1. Love Local – From Quakertown to Langhorne and all the towns in between (New Hope, Doylestown and Newtown), you’ll discover a dog-friendly vibe throughout these thriving communities. Restaurants, coffee spots, and retail shops welcome the support during the pandemic. What could be better than a stroll through town and sitting outside for lunch or coffee with your dog?
  2. Delaware Canal State Park – From Easton to Bristol, there are 60 scenic miles of towpath along the Delaware Canal to walk your dog.
  3. Nockamixon State Park – Turn that walk with your dog into a hike. The park offers a variety of trails to discover, or walk the paved bicycle trail to find a sunny picnic spot.
  4. Peace Valley Park – One of several county parks, this park is located in New Britain Township where you’ll find plenty of dogs and their parents enjoying the 6-mile paved path around Lake Galena.
  5. Falls Township Park – Located in Lower Bucks County, this expansive local park has two fenced dog parks in addition to paved walking paths.

Whether your dog needs an initial training program or a refresher course to focus on a specific skill like leash walking, Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center can help! Call 215-345-6960 to speak with the training coordinator about your goals and which program is the best fit.


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