Benefits of Outerwear for Dogs

Apr 11, 2022

Interview with Vince Fahringer, Manager of Dogs and Cats Rule in Doylestown, PA about outerwear for dogs

Spring has arrived, so the warmer temperatures are an invitation to emerge from our winter hibernation. Taking a walk around the neighborhood? Going to a friend’s house?  Maybe even headed to Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center! No matter what the weather, dogs want to be outside, so get your pet dressed and go!

Dressed? Dogs are born with beautiful, natural coats of fur designed to weather the seasons. What is the purpose of outerwear for dogs?

According to a Fortune Business Insights article published in March 2021, the global pet clothing industry was a $5 billion industry in 2020 and is expected to reach $7 billion by 2028.

Our pets are our family. From the mountains to the beaches or daycare to the dog park, they follow our lead. So, although the pet clothing industry primarily caters to our sense of fashion and fun, lifestyle is driving the demand for functional, multipurpose outerwear for dogs.

Here are three reasons to consider an outdoor wardrobe for your pup.


Some dogs, especially the smaller, short-coated breeds, dislike getting wet. A rain jacket may be motivation for a quick walk to take care of business. Dogs with a long, heavy coat may need to be towel dried. Drying the dog requires your time, effort, and sometimes wrestling moves, to accomplish. Wet fur can become matted while drying naturally. And what about that wet-dog smell? A raincoat will keep your dog dry and comfortable—which means less work for you.

dog outerwear

Kira sporting the latest trend in canine rain gear: rubber ducks!


The types of rainwear range from an inexpensive poncho for basic coverage to a light-weight, waterproof material that will cost more. A fleece-lined jacket will keep dogs without undercoats warm and dry, or one without a fleece lining can be layered with a favorite sweater during the colder weather.

For a good fit, especially if the jacket provides full coverage around the chest and belly, the clothing should be snug but not tight, and cover from neck to tail. Since convenience goes hand-in-hand with comfort and coverage, the clothing should be quick and easy to put on and take off. Some styles slip over the head and others are wrapped around the torso and secured with Velcro. A slot for a leash connection on the back of the neck is a practical option.

“The Worthy Dog is a popular brand. Their raincoats are a reversible style, the stretchy material provides a nice fit, and there’s even a pocket to carry waste bags,” said Vince Fahringer, manager of Dogs & Cats Rule in Doylestown, PA.


The purpose of outdoor clothing for pets is protection from the weather of course, but safety should also be a priority. If you and your dog take walks at night, then look for outerwear in bright colors or with reflective design elements.

“My favorite brand of clothing is Gold Paw. The clothing is American-made, light-weight material; provides full-body coverage; is windproof and waterproof, and includes reflective pieces. My dog, Casey,  also wears Pawz boots year round for protection from lawn chemicals and hot surfaces too,” added Fahringer.

dog outerwear

Kira is ready for an afternoon in the daycare play yard at Holiday House Pet Resort wearing this Sun Shield t-shirt.

Dogs can get sunburned. Not only is sunburn painful, but like humans, it can lead to skin cancers and make some skin conditions worse. The breeds that need more protection from the sun include those with thin, short coats like the Pitbull, Bulldog and Frenchie, Dalmatian, and Greyhound.

Dogs & Cats Rule in Doylestown carries Gold Paw Sun Shield t-shirts. The thin shirt is made from a lightweight material and has an SPF rating of 50+ to block 98% of harmful UV rays. Dogs with protective undercoats and longer hair can also benefit from sun-blocking clothing if a skin condition results in thin patches of fur that need protection.

Cooling vests and mesh clothing that can be water soaked to provide a cooling effect are also available. And if your dog is spending time at the beach, the pool, or on a boat, then a life jacket is a must.

Finally, style does not have to suffer in the name of convenience, comfort, and safety. Dog clothing designs are trendy, colorful, and functional—so no matter what your style is, you’ll find the same for your dog.

“Rubber ducks are the popular Spring 2022 look,” quipped Fahringer.

During the first week of May, Holiday House Pet Resort dog daycare will make the transition from April Showers to May Flowers with a focus on outdoor wear. If your dog is part of our daycare program, don’t forget to put on their favorite raincoat or spring style and we’ll take their photo to post. Not signed up for daycare yet? Call 215-345-6960 to arrange a Daycare Introduction Day.

Even if your dog does not attend our daycare, visit our Facebook page and post a photo of your pup in their favorite spring or summer outfit.

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