Back-to-School Season for the Dogs

Sep 12, 2016

Back-to-school season for the dogs means fun activities and a variety of training programs for pups of all ages, breeds and personalities. There’s positive energy in the September air that inspires us to return to school and work with a renewed spirit for learning and accomplishment. We all know dogs are smart, but it’s important to provide dogs with the opportunity for active learning.

Dogs want to learn, be challenged, have fun, and experience the joys of a job well done. Looking to get the most out of your clever canine? Here are a few options for pet parents to consider:

Enrichment activities

Dogs love a good puzzle especially when it involves a treat!

Dogs that receive high levels of exercise and physical and mental stimulation are less likely to engage in destructive or bad behaviors due to boredom. Energy that is directed toward positive, healthy experiences and productive training and playtime leads to better behavior in public and at home.

Enrichment toys and activities are designed to challenge dogs to think, problem solve and stay active through brain games, challenging sensory work, and structured athletics and play.

Enrichment toys and activities include:

  • Solving food puzzles. Toys like KONG®, the Tricky Treat™ Ball, or the Twist ‘n Treat™ encourages problem-solving skills and patience.
  • Hunting for dinner includes dividing up a serving of dry kibble and hiding small amounts around the house. This is a great activity to promote a healthy weight and slow down a fast eater.
  • Learning scent games as part of advanced training for fun or involvement in search and rescue groups.
  • Providing appropriate chew toys deflect attention away from furniture or your favorite pair of shoes if your dog is bored or experiences anxiety.
  • Working with a game of fetch or hide-n-seek reinforces training skills and promotes moderate exercise.
  • Playing chase. What dog doesn’t love running and being silly?

At Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center, we offer our Clever Canines activity sessions to lodging guests and Daycare students. Activities include: ball and retrieval games, nose work, treat games, IQ testing and brain games, mental stimulation puzzles, and agility4fun. Interested in Clever Canines sessions for your dog, call 215-345-6960.

back-to-school season for the dogs

Dogs love spending the day playing with friends!

Doggie Daycare

Is your dog at home alone while you are at work? At the end of a long day, you are probably ready to unwind and your well-rested dog is ready to play! Maybe your dog has chewed through one too many shoes or your daughter’s favorite doll more than once. You’re mad, but hey, from your dog’s perspective it’s attention.

You may want to consider a doggie daycare program for these reasons:

  • Safe and convenient way for you to encourage socialization and fitness
  • Dogs are happier and healthier when actively engaged and exercised
  • Reduces the risk of unwanted behaviors like digging, chewing or excessive barking due to boredom or separation anxiety
  • Burns off pent-up energy; a tired, happy dog can make your arrival home after a long day much easier
  • Builds socialization skills with other dogs and people. Poorly socialized dogs are more likely to react to the unknown with fear and aggression
  • Satisfies a dog’s inherent pack nature by being around other dogs, playing and interacting with friends
  • Improves fitness and overall wellness due to regular exercise
  • Gives your dog a positive experience with new people, sights, sounds and other dogs
  • Builds his/her confidence and gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet is in a safe, fun place!

Professional training

Professional dog training that focuses on good social skills and basic obedience offers many benefits to the dog and owner. Training doesn’t have to end with basic obedience. Advanced training and enrichment activities are a great way to reinforce basic skills and manners while providing an outlet for active dogs or the pampered couch potato that needs a little motivation to learn and showcase their skills.

Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center offers a variety of professional training programs. From puppy social hour and group classes to our popular Lodge & Learn program, we offer training to meet the unique needs of your pet and your lifestyle.


Once your dog has received basic obedience, agility training might be the perfect activity to reinforce those skills and to serve as an outlet for learning how to control their energy. Learning can be fun! From the super energetic to the super couch potato, agility training offers something for every breed and personality.

Agility training benefits you and your dog:

  • There is plenty of physical and mental exercise for you both
  • Working together strengthens the bond between your dog and you
  • Completing the course teaches you how to better communicate with each other
  • Tackling the obstacles helps build confidence, and provides the ability to overcome anxiety and fear
  • Improves focus and responsiveness
  • Working breeds and high energy dogs fulfill their natural instincts in a controlled environment
  • Decreases reliance on food motivators

Call Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center today to book your pet’s one-of-a-kind vacation at our luxury pet care facility!