Add Colorful Flair to Your Dog’s Grooming Style

Nov 3, 2014

Beyond bows and bandanas, adding a colorful flair to your dog’s grooming service can express a unique personality and style. The latest trend in creative grooming services offers a range of temporary designs, including stenciling, feathering, chalking and free-hand airbrushing.
Creative grooming can range from a simple stencil design to an extreme expression of imagination and artistic style. A basic stencil design, such as a shamrock, can represent a holiday, heritage or mood. If you lean toward the extreme, there has been increasing attention to the head-turning, over-the-top full-body designs using specialized grooming techniques and color to turn animals into works of art.
The simple use of a color accent or the placement of natural feathers on an ear or tail to a stenciled design on the chest or hind leg adds a trendy, temporary flair to any grooming style. Holiday House Pet Resort Grooming is now offering a basic creative grooming service, Furtastic Designs, as a
salon add-on. These finishing options are temporary and safe for pets.
HolidayHouse Pet Resort is excited about launching Furtastic Designs to offer grooming clients something new and fun.
“We are currently using Espree Bark Art blow pens and stencils for dogs because it’s easy to apply, the design lasts for an appropriate amount of time on the fur and can be removed with water and shampoo. The products are non-toxic color pens designed for use on fur,” explained Stacy Showmaker, a member of the grooming team.


Kids love showing off temporary tattoos and so will your dog. Why limit your dog’s collar as the only
statement piece being worn? The stencils include simple designs from paw prints or a flower to a skull & cross bones and super hero insignias. The blow pens produce a fine mist of color for pinpoint application. What design best matches your dog’s personality or expresses a more playful side?


Retro fashions are always in style but nothing says The Big 80s like colorful feather accents. Natural feathers add a wild, colorful flair to celebrate any special occasion, or make a strong statement when your retriever or spaniel struts down the sidewalks in town.


Chalk is great for free-hand designs like adding a pop of color to the ears, a tail or shading a larger area like the chest or an entire leg. Multiple colors can be used to create a custom look. So when the Eagles play in the big game, you and your dog can paint the town green with team spirit!


“We’ve been perfecting our designs on a variety of dog coats. Right now, stenciling and custom color pieces are working best on white and light colored fur. Stacy and I are still discovering which mists or chalks will work best on dark colored fur. Of course, feathers look great on any coat. We won’t be transforming your standard poodle into a tiger or your westie into a panda—that’s not what Furtastic Designs is about—but we can offer clients something special,” added groomer Erin Connelly.
Still want the bow or bandana? That’s no problem, but the creative grooming finishes are temporary so why not give it a try to generate a smile, add color to a wintery mood, or celebrate a special occasion. Furtastic Designs by Holiday House Pet Resort Grooming offers basic creative grooming art for an attractive finishing touch to any grooming style. Have an idea? Let us know when you book your grooming appointment or ask to speak with Erin or Stacy during check-in. 



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