7 Reasons Why Day Care is for Dogs

May 2, 2014

Not sure day care is for dogs? Here are seven reasons why it’s beneficial to your dog…and you too!

Provides socialization

Our daycare dogs love playing outside!

Dog are naturally pack animals. They like to hang out and play with friends. It’s their version of the chatting around the water cooler…or gathering with friends at a favorite “watering hole.” Chances are a walk around the block or a visit to the dog park is never long enough to satisfy their need for socialization with other dogs or people. Group play with lots of different dogs (and people too) builds strong social skills.

 Offers fun activities

Where else can your dog play tug-o-war, chase around the yard, work on an art project, get a massage, participate in special events to raise money for pet organizations, enjoy a special treat, or get their photo on Facebook? Definitely not at home while you’re at work, and probably not during the 15 minutes spent with a dog walker.

Avoids boredom

Napping in the comfy chair sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon, but not every afternoon. If your dog is young and energetic, spending a quiet day at home could lead to depression—yes, dogs can experience depression—or worse yet, destruction…

Reduces unwanted behaviors

…yes, destruction of your shoes, furniture, 8-panel wooden doors, or your child’s favorite toy. Boredom has a way of resolving itself. Sure, crating a destructive dog is an option, but daycare is a nicer option. A busy dog is a happy dog.

Reinforces training

If your daycare staff are also recognized as professional trainers, then it’s possible your dog will hear, and be asked to respond to, basic obedience commands. This is not much different than learning a foreign language—if you don’t hear it and don’t use it, then most likely you’ll never become proficient. People like being around well-behaved dogs.

Promotes exercise

Fun. Fitness. Agility.
Mental stimulation and physical exercise will keep your canine couch potato healthy, wealthy and wise! Obesity is a crisis affecting our pets. Nearly 60% of dogs (and cats) are overweight, making obesity the most common nutritional disorder identified across veterinary practices. Playing all day is great for their overall wellness.

Promotes good sleep

If you’re tired after a long day of work, then you’d probably prefer to chill out with your pup or enjoy a leisurely walk. A dog that has spent a quiet day at home will want to play…a lot…with you. A dog that’s had a busy day at daycare is ready for some quiet time and a full night of sweet dreams.
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