5 Reasons to Give Your Pup A Professional Pedicure

Mar 31, 2021

Why struggle with dog nail filing or clipping when there are five fabulous reasons to give your pup a professional pedicure? If it’s not your dog’s nails clicking and clacking across your floors, or getting snagged on the good carpet, then it’s an Olympic wrestling match to clip the claws. When you leave it to the pros, you replace the scuffle with a positive experience.

Filing is essentially an electric emery board. These types of devices are designed with a quiet motor and different speeds to effectively and safely file dog nails.

A professional dog nail filing service has numerous benefits.dog nail filing

  1. Filing is more comfortable for the dog. Many dogs do better with a professional nail filing rather than a standard nail clipping. This is especially the case for larger dogs with thick, strong nails. There is a feeling of pressure when the clippers squeeze the nail. While clipping the nails does not hurt the dog, some dogs do not like the sensation. Clippers that are dull can result in a bit more effort to cut through thick nails.
  2. Filing reduces the chances of clipping the nail quick. The quick is a blood vessel that also includes nerve endings. Clipping the quick causes bleeding and a level of pain depending on how far up the quick is cut. For dogs with black nails, the quick can be difficult to see. Filing dog nails provides more control and less chance of damaging the quick. The nails can also be trimmed shorter with filing versus clipping which means more time between pedicures.
  3. Smooth, rounded nails cause less damage. Clipping dog nails can leave the end of the nail sharp or jagged especially if the clipper is dull. Nail filling allows the nail to be rounded on the end. A smooth nail is less damaging to hardwood floors, good carpeting, or furniture than the blunt or jagged ends of clipped nails.
  4. Fewer scratches on you and the dog. You know that feeling when you’re wearing shorts and the dog jumps up on your leg or your lap? A proper filing can prevent you and your family from getting scratched by your excited pooch.

Smooth, rounded nails are also less damaging to your dog’s skin. When they scratch themselves, a jagged nail can cut the exposed skin on the inside of the ear or sensitive areas around the eyes or the muzzle. Minor scratches can result in not-so-pleasant infections.

“Dogs that suffer from allergies can also greatly benefit from having their back nails rounded smoothly so that they don’t cause skin damage to themselves during itchy times of the year,” said Liz Sines, master groomer and manager at Holiday House Spa on State in Doylestown, PA.

  • Someone else is handling the dog’s nails. Last on the list but certainly not least—and this may be the best benefit—a professional groomer has all the proper tools and techniques to get the job done right. You no longer need to continue struggling with your dog for frequent nail trims. Your flooring, carpets, furniture, and your legs will be safer from the damage caused by blunt-cut or jagged dog nails.

The professional grooming team with Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center and The Spa on State offer a dog nail filing service that will leave your pet’s nails short and rounded. With professional tools and years of experience, our grooming team can easily provide a pedicure that is safe and struggle-free for you and your dog. Request a dog nail filing service with any grooming selection. Call 215-345-6960 to schedule an appointment.

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