5 Myths about Training a Puppy

Jan 11, 2018

Yes, puppies are goofy and full of energy, but it’s a good time to establish a foundation of learning. Here are five myths about training a puppy…

1) Puppies will be puppies

Puppies chew on everything and get themselves into a bunch of trouble the moment you look away. They

don’t know any better—yet. Training starts as soon as you bring your new puppy home. Setting boundaries and encouraging good behavior reduces stress for the dog and the family, eliminates bad behaviors, and creates a positive environment for learning.

2) Puppies are too young 

Socialization is an important step in training to properly introduce your puppy to other dogs, different people, and new situations. Your puppy can learn to be socially comfortable and confident.

Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center hosts a Free Puppy Social Hour every Thursday & Friday at 7:30pm. Registration is required. Call 215-345-6960 to register.

Socialization is good preparation for beginning a more formal training program between the age of 8 and 12 weeks.

3) Puppies should be fully vaccinated before going to training

Puppy preschool or other social activities can begin as soon as your puppy starts receiving vaccinations. Make an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as you bring your puppy home. A fecal sample is usually needed to test for a variety of intestinal worms which may be contagious. Socialization or training may have to wait until your puppy passes a health check. Consult with your veterinarian and the place where socialization and training will take place.

4) Training should be done at home

Yes, learning does start at home–potty training, setting boundaries, and building a positive relationship and strong bond between you and your puppy are essential. However, good social skills and basic obedience are needed outside of the home. Training teaches the puppy what behaviors are expected and how to respond in a variety of situations–this is best accomplished outside the home.

Talk to an experienced trainer about your puppy and the goals and objectives you expect from training. Private training may be the right option for you and your puppy, but puppies have the ability to learn in a group class setting or at a training center.

While participating in Puppy Social Hour at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center, you can enroll your puppy in one of our group training programs. The class size is small and the class objectives include:

  • Teaching and reinforcing your puppy’s name
  • Socializing and introducing your puppy to new environments
  • Manners & Boundaries
  • Appropriate play and general puppy care
  • Introduction to basic obedience and leash walking
  • Fun and games

5) Puppy brains can’t focus, they just want to play

Training a puppy may require extra time to learn so breaking down the process into easier steps is helpful. But when it comes right down to the learning, understanding each other is key. Clear communication fosters confidence and creates a positive relationship. Positive reinforcement training is about teamwork and clear, consistent communication. Teaching basic obedience establishes a language that puppies (and older dogs) can understand, and sets expectations for good behavior.

No two dogs are the same. To achieve effective training and long-term success, the dog as a whole must be taken into consideration. Breed characteristics, personality, and overall energy level are evaluated in order to tailor a program that will connect with your dog.

Dog Daycare at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center is a great program for energetic puppies. Participation reinforces social skills, manners, and introductory skills while burning up all that excess energy having fun. Stay & Learn and Play & Learn are additional immersive training programs for your puppy to work with different trainers during multiple one-on-one daily sessions. Call 215-345-6960 to speak with a training specialist and schedule an evaluation.

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