Add Colorful Flair to Your Dog’s Grooming Style

By holidayhouse | November 3, 2014

Beyond bows and bandanas, adding a colorful flair to your dog’s grooming service can express a unique personality and style. The latest trend in creative grooming services offers a range of temporary designs, including stenciling, feathering, chalking and free-hand airbrushing. Creative grooming can range from a simple stencil design to an extreme expression of imagination and artistic style. A basic…

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Helping Shelter Animals Thrive and Find a New Forever Family

By holidayhouse | October 6, 2014

By Melissa Frank – Shelter Manager, Bucks County SPCA, Upper Bucks Shelter Originally posted to DVH Blog, October 2013 I have spent the majority of my adult life pampering very well cared for canines in Bucks and Montgomery counties. Working in an upscale grooming salon and a luxury pet resort, where loving pet parents sent their “babies” for a…

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Nail Trimming 101 for Good Pet Grooming

By holidayhouse | September 29, 2014

Nail Trimming 101 for Good Pet Grooming Good grooming is essential for your dog’s overall wellness–this includes regular nail trimming. Imagine what walking would be like if our toenails were the first thing to hit the ground with every step we took. Uncomfortable? You bet. Keeping your dog or cat’s nails trimmed can avoid a…

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Bring Your Lost Pet Home

By holidayhouse | July 28, 2014

This pet is being scanned for a microchip. The warmer weather seems to bring an increase in lost pet postings around town or on social media. Whether scared away by loud noises like firecrackers or thunderstorms, slipping out a door that was accidentally left open, or getting past an invisible fence, losing your pet can…

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Lost Pets Reunited with Properly Registered Microchips

By holidayhouse | July 23, 2014

  WOULD YOUR PET BE PROTECTED IF IT WAS LOST? HOLIDAY HOUSE PET RESORT & DOYLESTOWN VETERINARY HOSPITAL TO HOST “CHECK THE CHIP” EVENT ON AUGUST 15, 2014 Lost Pets Reunited with Properly Registered Microchips DOYLESTOWN, Pa., July 23, 2014—The warmer weather seems to bring an increase in lost pet postings around town or on…

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Does Your Pet Have a Noise Phobia?

By holidayhouse | July 7, 2014

A sudden clap of thunder, firecrackers or yelling can cause a surprised reaction and instinctive desire to hide for any pet. When that reaction becomes a persistent and profound fear to loud sounds causing severe anxiety and unwanted behaviors, your dog may have a noise phobia. The extreme reaction to noises usually gets worse if…

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Managing Your Pet’s Overall Health Takes Planning & Support

By holidayhouse | June 13, 2014

 Wow, it’s been an exciting week at Pawsitively Fit Camp 2014. Our campers are an active group of terrific dogs. Managing the eating habits of our pets and finding time for exercise can be challenging, but the long-term benefits to the health and wellness of our pets are worth the effort.  For us, programs like…

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Does Massage Benefit Pets?

By holidayhouse | June 12, 2014

The practice of holistic and integrative veterinary medicine has increased over the years as more veterinarians and pet owners shift their focus from the treatment of disease to overall health and wellness.  The benefits of massage to humans has been studied and documented, but do those benefits apply to cats and dogs? For people, the…

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Partner with Your Pup for Exercise

By holidayhouse | June 11, 2014

Exercise and play keep your pet’s mind sharp and its body fit. Benefits of being active include help with:•    Weight control•    Being limber and agile•    Digestive health•    Unwanted behaviors like digging, chewing and excessive barking•    Building confidence and trust•    Restful sleep  Your dog or cat loves to spend time with you. The best activity is…

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Proper Nutrition for a Healthier Life

By holidayhouse | June 10, 2014

Weight management is a delicate issue to discuss, but the fact of the matter is there is an obesity crisis affecting our pets. Nearly 60% of dogs and cats are overweight, making obesity the most common nutritional disorder identified across veterinary practices.  “Proper nutrition, physical exercise and comprehensive exams are vital in preventing pet obesity.…

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