heartworm prevention

April is Heartworm Awareness Month

By jpashenfelter | April 4, 2016

April is Heartworm Awareness Month April showers and warmer temperatures bring summer mosquitos…and mosquitos can carry the parasite leading to heartworm disease in pets. This is a preventable disease. Talk to your veterinarian about testing, treatment and preventive medicine to keep your dog and cat healthy. Check out these Fast Facts!

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Prevent Lyme Disease in Your Dog

By jpashenfelter | April 4, 2016

To prevent Lyme disease in your dog, Doylestown Veterinary Hospital and Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center offer a look at important facts and figures. Did you know… 8% of all positive cases of Lyme in Pennsylvania are from Bucks County 1 out of 9 dogs in Bucks County tested positive for Lyme In…

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pet poison prevention

Pet Poison Prevention Facts

By jpashenfelter | February 29, 2016

Pet Poison Prevention Week will kick off March in Doggie Daycare at Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center as part of National Poison Prevention Month. The ASPCA now has a free mobile app offering quick, life-saving information at your fingertips! Check out these complete lists of dangers and threats to avoid, and basic pet…

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dog training nose work


By jpashenfelter | January 7, 2016

Dog Training is More Than Just Basic Obedience Next time you are frantically searching the house for your missing iPhone, car keys, or a lost leather glove while the dog sleeps on the couch with one eye opened and watching you, just know the dog could solve the mystery faster. You mean my lazy dog…

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Is Agility Training Right for Your Dog?

By jpashenfelter | October 2, 2015

By Collin Roche, Professional Dog Trainer with Holiday House Pet Resort Is agility training right for your dog? It’s no secret, dogs love to play and there’s more to a game of fetch or tug-o-war than you might think.  Research has shown that dogs benefit from stimulating activities and structured play, and as an experienced…

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Diabetes in Cats and Dogs

By holidayhouse | October 30, 2015

Diabetes is a disease reaching epidemic proportions in humans, and diabetes in cats and dogs is also experiencing an increase in this often preventable condition. It’s important to understand the different types of diabetes in cats and dogs, the symptoms, and the standards of treatment as well as how integrative veterinary medicine can help manage…

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Canine Enrichment: A Smart Choice

By holidayhouse | September 8, 2015

Dogs are smart. And despite looking like a canine couch potato lounging in a favorite sunny spot most of the afternoon, there’s more to your Beethoven, Marie or Einstein than just a clever namesake. Like us, our dogs want to learn, be challenged, have fun, and experience the joys of a job well done. Historically, dogs…

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Avoid the Bite: Tips for Approaching a Dog Properly

By holidayhouse | August 31, 2015

As pet lovers we have the best of intentions when showering love upon every dog we meet. However, even the nicest of dogs can sometimes be caught off guard and react with an unexpected negative response. Avoid the bite with these tips. First, situations to avoid and when to be extra careful. Never approach an…

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Microchips for Pets Create Happy Reunions

By holidayhouse | August 4, 2015

The warmer weather seems to bring an increase in lost pet postings around town or on social media. Whether scared away by loud noises like thunder and firecrackers, slipping out a door that was accidentally left open, or getting past an invisible fence, losing a pet can happen. Sadly, one in three pets will go…

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In-Home Pet Boarding or Pet Resort Lodging?

By holidayhouse | June 30, 2015

In-home pet boarding or pet resort lodging? There’s a lot to consider when researching accomodations for your pet while you are away. Nothing could be better for your dog or cat than a home environment, right? With increasing numbers of in-home pet boarding and daycare services, pet owners need to take a careful look at…

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