Canine Enrichment: A Smart Choice

By holidayhouse | September 8, 2015

Dogs are smart. And despite looking like a canine couch potato lounging in a favorite sunny spot most of the afternoon, there’s more to your Beethoven, Marie or Einstein than just a clever namesake. Like us, our dogs want to learn, be challenged, have fun, and experience the joys of a job well done. Historically, dogs…

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Avoid the Bite: Tips for Approaching a Dog Properly

By holidayhouse | August 31, 2015

As pet lovers we have the best of intentions when showering love upon every dog we meet. However, even the nicest of dogs can sometimes be caught off guard and react with an unexpected negative response. Avoid the bite with these tips. First, situations to avoid and when to be extra careful. Never approach an…

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Microchips for Pets Create Happy Reunions

By holidayhouse | August 4, 2015

The warmer weather seems to bring an increase in lost pet postings around town or on social media. Whether scared away by loud noises like thunder and firecrackers, slipping out a door that was accidentally left open, or getting past an invisible fence, losing a pet can happen. Sadly, one in three pets will go…

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In-Home Pet Boarding or Pet Resort Lodging?

By holidayhouse | June 30, 2015

In-home pet boarding or pet resort lodging? There’s a lot to consider when researching accomodations for your pet while you are away. Nothing could be better for your dog or cat than a home environment, right? With increasing numbers of in-home pet boarding and daycare services, pet owners need to take a careful look at…

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pet poison prevention

Pet First Aid Basics

By holidayhouse | April 2, 2015

Just like people, sometimes pets need first aid for bites, stings, burns and boo boos. Especially if you and your dog enjoy visiting the dog park, strolling through town, or hiking together along the trails, it’s a good idea to have a basic pet first aid kit as well as important information and numbers available in case of an…

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Dog Daycare Programs Keep Pets Happily Busy

By holidayhouse | March 5, 2015

From retrievers and herders to even the smallest dogs—historically bred to capture vermin—by nature, are energetic, smart and designed to perform a variety of jobs—of which solitary couch potato is not included! Dogs are social animals that enjoy spending time with people and other dogs, so when left alone a resourceful canine will find ways to keep busy. Chewing on…

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Brushing Your Pet's Teeth in 4 Easy Steps

By holidayhouse | February 2, 2015

Steps Courtesy of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Daily dental care for your pet is an important step in preventing periodontal disease. Brushing your dog or cat’s teeth can be done in 4 easy steps. Consult with your veterinarian about an annual dental exam and cleaning or if you have questions about brushing technique. Alert: Never use human toothpaste; only use toothpaste…

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Professional Dog Grooming for Wellness

By holidayhouse | January 28, 2015

Professional dog grooming is more than a day at the salon. A clean, fresh-smelling dog is a pleasure to have around, but professional grooming is also essential to your dog’s wellness. Health Check An appointment with a grooming professional is another opportunity for your pet to be examined for problems which can lead to more serious health conditions. During the grooming…

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Dog training with a small dog

Benefits of Professional Dog Training

By holidayhouse | January 8, 2015

Professional dog training offers numerous benefits to the dog and the owner. When a pet is properly trained, it shows that the dog is an important part of the family and that good behavior is expected and rewarded positively. Professional Dog Training Saves Lives The most important benefit of training for the dog is that it may save its life.…

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Caring for Your Senior Pet

By holidayhouse | December 2, 2014

When our best friends come to us, often in the puppy or kitten stage, caring for them during their senior years seems a long way off. However, some breeds can reach the senior and geriatric stages in as few as five or six years, and each year that goes by considerably increases their age in…

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