dog running down ramp dog enrichment activities

Dog Enrichment: Why Socialization, Exercise, and Stimulation Matter

By jpashenfelter | September 12, 2022

The start of another school year means fun, new experiences. Students are back in class exercising their minds. It’s a great time to think about enrichment and learning activities for your fur kids too! They may look cute curled up in their bed while the house is quiet, but, when given the choice, your dog…

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car rides with a dog

On the Road Again: Tips for Car Rides with a Dog

By jpashenfelter | August 4, 2022

You and your canine companion go everywhere together. The dog is dancing with excitement on your lap or hanging out of an open window during the car ride. It’s the cutest of scenes we see so often, but not without hidden risks. When arriving together safely at your destination is the objective, buckling in your…

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tick prevention

Tick Prevention & Removal Tips

By jpashenfelter | June 6, 2022

Tick season has become a year-round affair in many areas of the country, and summer is the peak. Couple that with spending more time outside—walks in the park, runs through an open field, hikes along wooded trails—and it’s the perfect condition for Fido to become host to these pesky parasites. Engaging in outdoor activities during…

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staying at a pet resort

Do You Have It All? 4 Important Steps Before Dropping Your Pup at the Pet Resort

By jpashenfelter | May 16, 2022

Summer is here! Your vacation is planned, and Fluffy’s reservation for staying at the pet resort is set. Now what? The pet resort check-in process will be easier if everything that is needed for the stay is completed before arriving. At Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center, you can take advantage of our express…

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Benefits of Outerwear for Dogs

By jpashenfelter | April 11, 2022

Interview with Vince Fahringer, Manager of Dogs and Cats Rule in Doylestown, PA about outerwear for dogs Spring has arrived, so the warmer temperatures are an invitation to emerge from our winter hibernation. Taking a walk around the neighborhood? Going to a friend’s house?  Maybe even headed to Holiday House Pet Resort & Training Center! No…

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dog nail care

Tips for Stress-Free Dog Nail Care

By jpashenfelter | March 18, 2022

All dogs require proper nail care. Paws, like our feet, withstand a plethora of surfaces and conditions to keep them moving by your side. But dogs don’t have protective footwear like we do so keeping their nails in tip-top shape is essential. A bad nail can make a difference in how a dog walks, which…

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The Best Skin and Coat Care for Your Dog

By jpashenfelter | February 14, 2022

How often should I bathe my dog during the winter months?  Actually, frequent bathing with moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners can improve the health of your dog’s skin and coat. Since a dog’s skin and coat are the first line of defense from the harsh winter conditions, year-round care is essential for strong protection. Winter flakes…

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Tips to Get the Most from Your Dog Training

By jpashenfelter | January 19, 2022

To get the most from any training program your puppy or dog is enrolled in, experienced trainers offer five tips for success. Interestingly, the learning process for puppies and adult dogs is the same as for people. To master a skill, it takes motivation, the right mindset, time, patience, and practice for it to become…

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should my puppy attend dog daycare

Should My Puppy Attend Dog Daycare?

By jpashenfelter | September 23, 2021

Should my puppy attend dog daycare? What is the right age to enroll? Dog daycare can be a terrific program for an active puppy but there are a few considerations before jumping right into the fun. Start with Socializing Your Puppy Early training should include plenty of socialization and new situations for your puppy to…

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How to Choose a Dog Collar or Harness?

By jpashenfelter | August 5, 2021

When it comes to choosing a collar or harness for your new furry friend, which is better? The answer depends on comfort, safety, and use (or training). It’s helpful to understand the different features and benefits of both before making a decision. Choosing between a collar or harness will also depend on your dog’s size,…

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