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Holiday House Trainers: The Relationship Experts


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Free Puppy Socialization

Whether you are delighting in your first puppy or you are an experienced dog owner, every puppy is an individual that comes with a unique set of gifts and challenges. Our puppy skills classes will help you get to know your puppy and learn best puppy practices from our puppy experts! At Holiday House we know that the first six months with your puppy are crucial for establishing a solid relationship. Our FREE puppy social hours will cover basic puppy issues and provide a great opportunity for you and your puppy to socialize with other dogs. Classes fill quickly, call 215-345-6960 or email training@holidayhousepetresort.com for registration information.


Lodge and Learn

The trainers at Holiday House can work with your dog on a variety of manners and obedience issues while your dog is lodging or in daycare. Walking nicely on a leash, coming when called, greeting people with confidence, and sitting and staying are a few of the common skills we teach. We teach dogs that are beginning students as well as accomplished canine pupils that just need a refresher.

Our lucky lodgers enjoy daily activities such as nature walks and play sessions, snack on gourmet treats, and end each day snuggled in a comfy "cozy bed."  All of this is included in our discounted five, ten and fifteen day lodge and learn packages.  Ask us about making training a part of your dog’s stay at Holiday House.

Private Training

We can teach housebreaking to your dog in your home, stop your dog from rushing out the door, address thunderstorm distress, teach your dog to be a well-mannered “dog about town,” and much more. Call to schedule an evaluation to assess the best plan for you and your dog.




Our two Yorkshire's were a year and a half old and we still couldn't Yorkshire Terrier Testimonialget them potty trained.  A day didn't go by without at least one accident in the house.   That's when our Vet gave us Jenna's name.  The best thing about what Jenna did is that she built a custom schedule for house training them based on our schedule.  She also made recommendations around how to modify their living and play space that would help make the training easier.

We are happy to say that in the first week of applying her schedule we only had one accident in the house.  It's been a crazy turn around and we are still shocked in how well the dogs are doing.  The dogs are also doing much better with their eating habits and going to the bathroom on a regular basis outside. 

Thanks so much for your help.  That 1 hour spent with you definitely made our lives a lot easier! - Dominicks


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